30 October 2007

Spook-tacular Christmas in October??!!

WOW!! I think I won the lotto ;o) I arrived home from being gone for a few days Sunday night to find a box from my best Sis ~ Michaeleen (aka SCS: MissMike)
She sent me such good good things!! Two Martha Stewart stamp sets there on the left, a wondeful decorated jar of peanuts mixed with candy corn (my DH thanks you!!) The awesome hand-made card on top of the jar, some giant fun paperclips to decorate, and look at them tins!! The ones that I was soo trying to find last year -- you found em'!!! ;o) WOW!! How awesome is that?? Continuing across a hard eyeglass case and Giant chipboard flowers!! In the front from left to right -- more stamps!!! These would be the clear acrylic jewels -- along with the base holders for them too!! A bottle of funky green stickles, cool brads, another 'sheriff' stamp and some neat clear envelopes!!
You sure do know how to spoil me don't ya Sis?? ;o) How can I evah' live up to this one?? lol

Thanks soo much for all you do for me -- I appreciate you!!!

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Wife2TJ said...

Wow! What a WONDERFUL suprise!!!