28 March 2010

On a ROLL!!!

I tell ya', LuAnn is on a roll with her fun baskets -- "don't be crabby...be happy!!!" is what this one is all about ~
Thanks soo much for allowing me to share your creative basket ideas here LuAnn!


24 March 2010

Happy Easter!

Isn't this just adorable? My darling downline, LuAnn, has been super busy creating with the treat cups lately and this is just one of her newest creations....just in time for Easter!!
SUPER CUTE LuAnn! You are sooo creative!

Thanks for Sharing ;o)

12 March 2010

'HOP' You feel better....

LuAnn is on a roll! Look at her latest creation -- cough drops included in this get well basket ;o)
SUPER cute LuAnn ~ you do such awesome work!

~TFL & Enjoy~

10 March 2010

Tasty Flowers & Bugs

Adorable, edible bugs and flowers ;o) MMM!!!

Another creation shared from the creative studio of my darling downline, LuAnn.

When she was over stamping a few weekends ago she had asked me for input on coming up with a movable 'door' for the back of the treat cups, so they can be enjoyed by the recipient, filled again and regifted. We came up with a slick fix for that so it appears as tho she has been super creative and busy ;o) YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for shaing LuAnn!!!

~TFL & Enjoy~

09 March 2010

Purses! Purses!!!

A few days ago I posted the purse that I had so lovingly CASED from my darling downline, LuAnn, during our stampin' weekend.

Welllll, she has been creative in her studio ~ taking inspiration from my CASED inspiration of her own and came up with THIS! (Did you follow all of that?! lol)

LuAnn used Dusty Durango sponged with Chocolate Chip and of course Michelle's (2stampis2b) Shimmer Spray technique.

Soooo awesome LuAnn!! Soo glad you shared with me ;o) We need to get together again before all of this snow melts!!!
~TFL & Enjoy~

06 March 2010

Stampin' Weekend ~ Continued....

The moment I spotted this idea on SCS I knew I needed to try it! I had the SU! file folders on hand already as I thought they were just adorable and would be fun to use in my home office! So what a perfect idea it was to use the rest this way ;o)

Here is the link to the step by step tutorial from SCS if you'd like to make some too! No stamping involved here since the folders are already decorated!!!

~TFL & Enjoy~

05 March 2010

Stampin' Weekend ~ Continued....

Can you say adorable??? This cute purse idea came from my team member, LuAnn, during our stampin' weekend! I just had to CASE it ;o)

Just to make this one a bit more 'rittizer' I did Big Shot emboss my purse pieces and I applied a clear finish to the front and back of the purse by using the clear embossing powder. The top part, or the flap, is a piece of card stock vellum Big Shot embossed, sponged with chocolate chip ink and then Shimmer Sprayed (ohh lala ~ Thanks Michelle!)

I used a 1/2 piece of velcro to hold the flap down right under my 'button like embellies' and added the fun brad and ribbon to the side vs. a traditional purse strap for something fun and different.

This would be great for holding money or a gift card for a special occassion!

~TFL & Enjoy~

04 March 2010

Stampin' Weekend ~ Continued....

I just loved this idea the second I saw it! How simple, yet elegant! Thanks to fellow stamper Debbie Naylor for sharing her idea!

I used the SU! Card Stock Vellum and Big Shot ~ I love love love these!!
Oh and in the very last picture, on the back card I tried the 'shimmer spray' technique from Michelle Tech (2stampis2b) on the vellum --- ohhh ahhh ;o)

~TFL & Enjoy~

03 March 2010

Stampin' Weekend ~ Continued....

During our stampin' weekend a few of my team members were able to come stamp and join in on the fun too - that was great! LuAnn, who is a member of my team, brought this for me - how adorable is THIS!!?? Made with the big shot ~ you know, everyone needs a big shot ;o) LOL

~TFL & Enjoy~

02 March 2010

Stampin' Weekend ~ Continued....

This is such a fun technique to do with white shimmer paper, your reinkers and a spray bottle of water ;o)

Adding the beads as the frosting to this one was fun!!

~TFL & Enjoy!~

01 March 2010

Stampin' Weekend!!

We had a long overdue stampin' weekend at my place in February! We started stampin' on Friday afternoon at 3 pm and we didnt stop till' about 10 p.m. Saturday night - what FuN ;o)

I'll share with you a few projects I completed during that time ~ Enjoy!!

~TFL & Enjoy~

28 February 2010

Thanks Steph!

One of my team members, Steph, created this adorable gift card holder ~ what a super cute idea, wouldnt you say? ;o)

Thanks Steph! You are a sweetie ;o)

~TFL & Enjoy~

26 February 2010

Oh to be 4 again! ;o)

My nephew Jack and I recently took a trip to AZ to visit Grandpa and Grandma for a few days...oh the fun we had! Here are a few snapshots of our trip that included flying in a big plane, the zoo and swimming!!!

Just as our plane touched down back at home Jack asked me if I would make him another countdown calendar...I asked him what we were going to countdown and he suggested 'oh maybe Florida'.....lol!

Telling Grandpa and Grandma WERE COMIN'!!!

Zoned out with a drink, snack and a cartoon ;o)
The official countdown calendar & the ZOO ;o)

A rainy day lunch spent at Mickey D's ;o)

29 September 2009

PPP 2009

Here are some fun moments of our 2nd Annual Punkin' Pickin' Party held at our place this past weekend! The sun was out but the wind was too -- guess that is better than rain tho ;o)

A fun time was had by all!!! I'm already thinking about what varities to plant for next year!

24 September 2009

Tis' The Season!!!

The PPP Season that is!! Here is the first load out of the patch tonight for us. This will give me a good start to get the different areas decorated around our place -- the old chevy, the garden shed, the bend in the driveway, the mailbox area...gee... I may need to go pick some more ;o) Do you see the white and blue ones? FuN!!!
I love fall!!!!!

21 September 2009

Will U B My Valentine?

I know, I know! It's the end of September but my Dad brought this out to me the other night and I just had to share! I'm not sure what year this would be from but this is an old Valentine my Dad received from his sister Claudia, my Auntie CJ ;o)

I thought by sharing it here on my blog it would bring back memories for her -- do you remember what year Auntie CJ? ;o)

Notice even back then how they were being crafty and letting her move at the waist? ;o)

20 September 2009

Floor Tiles?

Yep! Another fun thing to do with floor tiles!

I've been busy with these lately - making a series of different family names for a gal who will distribute them at their wedding - kinda as a thank you to the people who helped them with different projects.

I made this using my Cricut die cut machine and vinyl. SUCH fun and really easy!! The tiles are about a 12x12 and are a neutral color which makes them even easier to choose your vinyl colors for. The gal that commissioned me to make these found awesome looking black iron plate stands to go along with these as well!

19 September 2009

Ohh Wee!

Look At ME!!!! Circa 1930's ~ not lookin' too shabby eh? Our project is nearly complete! My hubby is working on replacing the floor on the inside now so once that's done it will be 'done done' ;o)
I love driving by it coming in and leaving our driveway now - what a happy thing to see!!!
Either later on this fall or next spring we will move the pasture fence behind it in a bit and then landscape around it as well ;o)
Thanks for following us as we completed this project!!!

18 September 2009

Boxes n' Shutters

The Boxes & Shutters are done and FULL of fun fall stuff ;o) This is my fave time of year --so why not decorate our 'new' shed too!!!
Tomorrow will be the 'big picture' day -- the shed completed -- so you will have to run back and compare from the first postings to the last postings. Honest! It's the same shed ;o)

17 September 2009

Pin A Big Metal Star on Me!

I just love these 3-D metal stars -- and now I have the perfect place for one too ;o) I found this while we were out in South Dakota this summer and just had to have it -- knowing this is where I was gonna put it eventually!

Perfect Huh? Stay tuned as we are almost done with the garden shed project...you will soon see the 'full picture'!!!

16 September 2009

Fillin' In....

...the white primer is now GONE! The painting and trim work is now done done done!

Next step will be to fill in the gap at the bottom of the building. The building is actually sitting on blocks, remember? Filling it in may deter the 'varmits' from trying to make it their home and it will also make it look much nicer!

Once the block is done around the bottom then there is the metal star along with window boxes and shutters!!!! Ohh ahhh!!!! Stay tuned for more pictures tomorrow!!!!

15 September 2009

Paint ME!

Soo...moving on to the next step! Primer! A good coat all the way around. It soaked it right up!!
Second step of the painting process was to paint the dark green trim first, two coats! Followed by the tan color, another two coats -- here you can get a peek at what the colors will look like together ;o)

It's coming together nicely! Stay tuned for more pics in the coming days ;o)

14 September 2009

Payn' Special Attention....

This is the most attention the shed has had in awhile but overall it's in awesome shape for being circa 1930's wouldnt you say?

We did replace some of the cedar siding where needed...these pictures were taken in that process - quite a few more boards than what is pictured here were replaced. Below the three windows, for one, was all replaced. Most of the front of the building was as well, there were a few we left near the peak as orginial.

All four windows were replaced for new - that was easier than to try and fix the ones that were in there. However, the old were just not thown away - I have plans for those too!!! ;o)

It's now time to apply a white coat of sealer and then apply a few coats of COLOR! We will be painting it the same color of our metal shed - tan and dark green. Continue to tune in tomorrow for the next step ;o)