26 April 2007

I'm sooo excited ....

and I just can't hide it ... I about to loose contol so I had to ..... ah ....
well..... BLOG it!!!!


how was that??!! I feel better how bout' you??

Check these colors out!! What ya' think?? The Stampin' UP! Cruise achievers learned about these recently while aboard --- these will be the NEW IN COLORS for the next catalog year that starts July 1st.

Here is a list starting at the top and working from left to right:
Basic Grey, Soft Sky, Wild Wasabi, Purely Pomegranate, Blue Bayou, River Rock, and Groovy Guava.

I'm really really excited about these --- and sooo sad to see the current In Colors go as I luv em' so!! But change is good for us right? lol

I'm also looking forward to the next few months and what SU! has instore for all of us --- such exciting new things ---- there are some other tidbits I learned about too but I don't think I'll spill all the beans here...right now just yet anyway!!

Happy Stampin' 2U! ;o)

24 April 2007

I took the plunge!

Oh my goodness!!
I took the pluge!!
I've given in to cyber peer pressures!!

What is it you ask? Well, it's something that after reading about it ovah' and ovah' again on SCS (I found [amysings] posts to be very helpful!!) as well bloggers Marie ~ Combat Boots to Rubber Stamps and JanTink's blog I *convinced* myself I couldnt live without it any longer ;o) (o;

It's called a 'Bind -it-All' and that is what it does!! It's a neat and nifty (and very small and lightweight!) desktop wire binding system that punches square holes and crimps wire binding. So now I can make little and big books of all sorts ~ including CD books, YES it will punch holes thru CD's!! ~ chipboard coaster books ~ cardstock books ~ tag books ~ journals ~ uh! the ideas are endless!

Bind-it-All is a double-purpose machine -- it punches square holes for double wire binding AND closes the coils once they've been inserted. While it punches only six holes at a time, it has an easy-to-use guide that makes punching taller books fast and foolproof according to Bonnies website.

I ordered mine on-line from BonniesBest. She is having a special right now for anyone else who is interested ~~~ please check it out!! I also ordered a few boxes of wires in the different sizes to start out with too. But I do hear that the 'Bonnies Best bundling' special will have some fun surprises to get us started too! *clapping hands with excitement*

I am to have it in my inky hands on Wednesday -- yeah!! I can't wait to play!!

~TFL & Enjoy~

20 April 2007

Incessant Birthday Flowers

There is an 80 "something" year young lady that I adore and she is having a birthday this coming Saturday.

I had no idea what to give her this year. Last year I had made her the stamped acrylic post it note holder and matching pen for her to set beside her telephone. Then earlier this week I came up with this idea thanks to the wonderful world of blogging -- her flowers were beautifully stamped using the Office Accountrement set and the Oval Punches!!! I would love to give her all the credit and the link here but believe it or not I can not find her blog now -- gosh! that drives me crazy when I do that! -- why DO I do that?? I do remember, though, that she used a Target Dollar Spot bucket and her tag said "Spring" -- Also, her stems were lollipop sticks that she she found in the baking section and she rolled them thru an ink pad to color them.

Anywhoo --- How about some flowers that won't spoil or die?? ;o)

I started this by painting a flower pot --- I mixed plain acrylic white paint with gable green re-inker drops. Then I painted 4 bamboo skewer sticks with regular green acrylic paint (I didnt worry too much about matching these colors!)

Side Note: I picked up the bamboo skewers at Wal-Mart this week over near the grills -- they sell them in packages of like 100 for .97 cents or something crazy great like that ;o) As these were drying I started on my flowers!

Jiminy, my friend, did these for me --- you know my Cricut!! The flowers are from the Doodlecharms cartridge ---- flower 1 cut at 4 1/2 and also the shadow cut at the same size for those of you who want the technical specs *wink wink* I also used the other flower 'center' -- cutting two for each flower cut out, one for the front and one for the back too (cut 8 total).

The colors of the flowers were chosen from my other friend, the SU! Color Coach. I decided to take those colors and do the 'dynamic duos'. Here they are --- Apricot Appeal & Pumpkin Pie, Cameo Coral & Ruby Red, Bashful Blue & Brilliant Blue, Pixie Pink & Pink Passion. I cut out two of each of the colors --- so two brilliant blue and two bashful blue as an example because I did one for the front and one for the back of the skewer.

I decorated the front center of each flower with SU! embellishments -- one is done with sticky tape and beads, the second is done with a clear button and gingham ribbon, the third is done with a colored button and silver cord and the fourth is done with two punches of the flower punch and a colored brad.

I mounted the dynamic duos on top of each other as shown and then on the back of the center of one of the flowers I used the stampin' dimensionals and stacked them 3-high to get to the right height I needed. As you can see in the picture --- I did them kind of in the shape of a square with a dimensional scrap of a long piece going down the center -- that center long piece is just one piece, I didnt stack that one. That piece is just to hold the skewer in place! Then just simply added the skewer and lined up the other flower to the other side and stuck them together!

Next I just stuck a piece of the floral foam in my pot and stuck my skewers in the floral foam as shown. I did cut some of my skewers off so they were not so tall with a pair of wire cutters (? hey they work for skewers too!!)

Next I took some green paper grass that I had gotten on clearance after Easter and stuffed it in the bottom of the pot ... that will work!

Then I simply wrapped some grosgrain ribbon around the pot and used my two tag punches and used the "It's Your Birthday" stamp set and stamped 'happy birthday' on the tag and used some silver cord to attach that to the grosgrain ribbon. Then I just used a few pieces of coordinating ribbons and tied them next to that just to add a bit more dimension. I also added two pieces of ribbon to the Brilliant Blue flower stem -- as it looked liked it was just 'looming' out there -- it can be seen from the back moreso from the front stem. Here are a few views from the side and also from the back. I didnt want the back to be too plain or ugly (just the skewer there) so that is why I finished them off like I did --- and I thought it would be fun to give this a try --- especially since Jiminy did all the cutting for me ;o))

I am sure she will enjoy this --- it will be fun!

~Enjoy & TFL~

17 April 2007

It's a Secret!!

Ohh Wee! Look at this real purddy' card I received in the mail today from my secret sis over on SCS!! Isnt it just a beaut? LOVE Roses in Winter --- think my Secret Sis knows that ;o)) She stated in her note that she cased this right from Beate's gallery --- well that is the highest compliment you can give another stamper -- to want to CASE their work, right?! ;o))
She asked me in her note how I have time to do it all --- create/update my blog, be a SU! demo, work full- time and run a home-based business (with my DH). She wonders where I get all of my energy ... lol. Well, my darling DDSS, I just don't have alot of 'idle' time ... how's that for an answer? For those of you who can not view the DDSS side of SCS, here is what I posted in my 'thank you' to my secret sis:
Thanks so much for the most beautiful card that I received today Sis!! I just loooveee the roses in winter stamp set, it's one of my faves It's a wonderful case of Beate's, I must agree!! Cases are always good and the best compliment to the original artist ***The sparkles don't show up good in the pic here but they are beau-T-ful in person***
To answer your questions in your sweet note ~ I don't have much time to acutally sit down and watch TV but I do record a few shows each day/week!! Each day I do tape Dr. Phil and Oprah and a few of the crafting shows on the DIY network -- then every week I also record Medium and Raines. I watch these as I am working in my creative space, or shall I say 'listen to them'! and I also watch the recorded shows as I wind down and go to bed each morning --- it helps me to relax and get my mind off of work!! --- then I can fast forward thru the commercials -- those are some of my pet peaves of course!! lol
I soooo soooo sooo can't wait to find out who you are next month!!! I am so very excited for your reveal!!! Thanks again Sis ~ ~ Stampin' Huggs to you!
So... there is a little bit more you have all learned about me!! Do you 'listen' to TV too? lol I do have to actually 'watch' Medium and Raines -- those require my utmost attention -- (but I do fast foward thru the commercials!!) I love those two shows but I am a total fan of anything true crime (I know, I know, those two are not ...but...) but that is probably because of my job profession huh?
As for my blogging adventure --- you will see that most of that is done in the wee hours of the mornin' ;o) When I have an extra moment, I will post from my laptop as time permits. For those of you who don't have blogs, you would really be surprised once you got yours set up how much time it 'doesnt' take to make an entry!! It's really pretty easy if you leave it easy! Make it fun!! That is what it is all about -- don't turn it into a job ;o) This started out as an adventure for me and so far so good!!! --- thanks to all of you loyal readers!! *hugs and more hugs*
~TFL & Enjoy~

14 April 2007

What does your name mean?

This is fun! I was just over on Wandas blog, My Creative Corner, and she was chatting about this so I decided to try it too!! Here is what my name means --- I am laughing about the S is for Snarky and the A is for Arty --- how FUNNY is this?? LOL

Give it a try for you? I'd love to hear what comes up for you too!! Have a great weekend everyone!

What Teresa Means
T is for Tender
E is for Exuberant
R is for Rare
E is for Enjoyable
S is for Snarky
A is for Arty

Ready to give your name a try?? Do it here.....I did mine as a 'Livejournal / Blogspot' version ... not that it really matters but for those you who don't have blogs you may just wonder what to choose... *wink wink*

~TFL & Enjoy~

13 April 2007

~ ~ ~ Thanks Beckie ~ ~ ~

I recently received this card in the mail from fellow stamper Beckie Kareck --- isn't is just the cutest evah'?? I just had to post it tonight and share it with all of you since this is a current SU! stamp set ;o)

Beckie contacted me about the 'tea bag' deal that I had posted back most recently in March and wanted to purchase some of the bags too --- and her payment came enclosed in this wonderful card!!

Just what are we gonna do Ladies when these 'In Colors' disappear soon? *sigh* I just love Cool Caribbean soo .... lookin' at my stash that one seems to be the lowest right now... All good things must come to an end as they say huh? I'm lookin' forward to seeing the new catalog too -- but I always seem to go thru this at the end of the catalog year too -- I hate to see my faves go away too ~ ~ How about you?

Thanks again Beckie -- You are a darling!! Love how you 'roughed up' the "find joy in the little things" piece -- that just makes the card. ~ BTW -- I mailed your bags to you the first part of this week so I hope they have made it home to you by now! Enjoy!

~TFL & Enjoy~

12 April 2007

Sista' Mike Spoils...

I just have to show you this card ... and this is just one of the handful of cards that Sista' Mike (MissMike on SCS) mailed to me the week of my birthday back in March!! What a sweetie she is indeed *wink wink*
Isn't this just the neatest card layout? You untie the ribbon to open the card and then it opens up from under the slit punch and eyelet. The 'happy birthday' greeting is actually peekin' thru a window! How clever is this?!
Thanks for your continued ideas Sista' --- they nevah' cease to amaze me ;o)

~TFL & Enjoy~

11 April 2007

Happy Everythings from Nancy!!

Yeah!! More fun mail received ;o) I received this card from fellow SCS'er blogger Nancy1970.

Please be sure to check out her blog when you have time --- it's a fun one!!

In the picture here it looks like the color on the left is red -- but really its pink!! Followed by old olive and then not quite navy --- it looks sharp! The word 'happy' is stamped in not quite navy and then 'everything' is stamped in pink. She also wrapped the stitched pink ribbon around the right end (that looks red here too huh? --bummer!)

Thanks soo much Nancy! I appreciate that smiles that you sent along with this card in the mail!! Stampin' Huggs 2U!

10 April 2007

Dazzling Flowering Diamonds

These swaps went in the mail today, Monday, priority to our hostess JoAnn of the QC Swappers Group. This months theme was 'a technique swap' ~ I chose 'Dazzling Diamonds' although its hard to see in this pic!! The large flower is done using this technique!

First of all I must give credit where credit is due on this awesome layout but it's killin' me that I can't find you!!! I am sure I found this on her blog .. I even printed out the picture and thought I had the info on there .. but looking back I don't *uh* I am soo sorry for that!!! ;o( The pic I printed out is really small and it looks like her name may be on the pic but it's way too small for me to read ... boohoo!! So for those of you in the swap, I've printed out the recipe on the back but wasnt able to give proper credit on my layout idea!!

So since this is for the QC Swapers group, it did involve a few steps -- but that is A-OK ;o) it's a total of 7 layers. I started out by stamping the French Script background on Confetti Cream cardstock using So Saffron stampin' ink. Then I did the 'rock n roll' technique on my flowers using both perfect plum and pretty in pink stampin inks -- stamping these over the french script background followed by the Mellow Moss leaf imprints. Then I punched out just the two right corners using the ticket corner punch. Next I used the paper piercing tool and stampin' grid to pierce a series of holes in the two same corners that I just used the corner punch on --- doing three holes and then two holes above the three -- on both the top and bottom corners. This piece was then layered on a piece of Pretty in Pink card stock and this piece only hand the two right corners punched out with the ticket corner punch too! Then these two pieces were attached to a piece of basic black card stock.

Now back to the top -- on top of the confetti cream I cut a piece of Pretty in Pink that would run across the top, I think it's about 2 inches wide. Then layered on top of this is a piece of Perfect Plum card stock cut a bit smaller and on this one I paper pierced a line both across the top and bottom. Then I tied a piece of Olive narrow organdy ribbon as well as copper cord around these two pieces and tied it to the side and taped it down. Then came the fun part ~ ~ ~ The technique part!! I used the Petal Prints stamp set and the Perfect Plum and Mellow Moss Stampin' Write Markers to color and stamp the flower and stamp it to the Glossy White card stock and let it dry really well. Then using the stamp-a-ma-jig I positioned the outline stamp over that and stamped it in basic black. Once that was completely dry I took my VersaMark pad applied the pad direcly to my paper (pad upside down directly on cardstock) and completely covered the image (piece of cardstock I had cut out) then I immediately applied the Iridescent Ice Emboss Powder to the image and using the Heat Tool heat until it melted! See the complete & awesome SCS step by step with pictures tutorial here. Then I simply punched a few holes in that image for two vintage brads and applied that to a piece of basic black card stock. Then the very last step was using stampin' dimensionals to mount the dazzling flower to the front of the card!

I made 12 of these cards ... and once you get started and do them in an 'assembly line' fashion things can move along pretty quickly!!

One thing that I would do differently next time is play around a bit more with the backround on the glossy white piece --- it just looks a little 'naked' for my tastes I guess. Maybe that is because the base of the larger piece is confetti cream I suppose. So tonight I did take a piece of the gw and I inked up the canvas background using So Saffron and stamped it on the Glossy White piece first --- then I stamped the flower --- then did the dazzzling diamonds. That looked a bit better but it really couldnt be seen once the techniquie was complete. So maybe a bit of a darker color would be needed --- but it did give is some color!

Overall I guess I am happy with the way the technique turned out but I will need to play around with the background a bit more and see what I can come up with ;o)

~TFL & Enjoy~

08 April 2007

Happy Easter 2U!

Here is an Easter Greeting for you!
This was my first half of April demo make-n-take -- it was a fun & easy card to do with a group!
When I had them do the eggs, I passed around the Cameo Coral stampin' pad and had them stamp one on each end and one in the middle first. Then the Bashful Blue was next and they stamped two next to the Cameo Coral, then two Mellow Moss, then one each of the So Saffron and Lavendar Lace....doing it this way the spacing worked out pretty well doing it in a group setting!
Then of course the last thing was to stamp the Happy Easter greeting in the lower right hand corner in Basic Black and assemble the card.
Here is the recipe ;o)
Stamp Sets: Tag Time, All Year Cheer I
Card Stock: Lavendar Lace, Cameo Coral, Ultrasmooth Vanilla
Stampin’ Pads: Basic Black, Cameo Coral, Bashful Blue, Mellow Moss, So Saffron, Lavendar Lace
Accessories: Silver Narrow Organdy Ribbon
Off to enjoy the day with Family and Friends! I hope you can too!!
Stampin' Huggs~
~TFL & Enjoy ~

07 April 2007

Authentic Friend

I'm in love with the On Board 5 x 5 Art Journals! They are sooo much fun to decoarate. Have I mentioned yet that I looovvveee the new spiral punch too ;o)
This journal was fun to do! I used some of the SU! printed papers as well as a bit from the hodgepodge hardware ... some more of my fave things!!

06 April 2007

Ribbon & Spirals ... Oh My!

This was such a fun card to make! I'm just a lovin' the new spiral punch ;o) It can do much more than just additional notebook pages!!

I loved the card that SCS'er cherylowen shared back in March -- I had to add it to my faves and incorporate it into my April demos as I loved her layout. I changed a few things for my card ~ I didn't have the Season by Season stamp set yet and I used the colors of cardstock I had on hand. I have since gotten a new Elegant Eggplant Stampin' Write Marker since this card ... as you can see my other marker had seen better days. *blushing* This card came together very quickly ~ it only uses the Polka Dots and Paisley stamp set but I could very easily see adding a background stamp too! (love my backgrounds!!)

I stamped the three flowers on the Confetti White cardstock using the stampin write markers and the *huffing and puffing technique* (joke with my customers!) Then I simply added 'happy' saying in the corner and mounted that to the Certainly Celery and So Saffron backgrounds. Then I used the 1/8" punch and made one hole, tied the ribbon, punched the 2nd hole, tied the ribbon and did that for the third and final time. I didnt punch all three holes at once because I wanted to be sure my spacing was as close together as possible so by doing it one at a time helped me eye that better. Then I just simply used the Spiral Punch on one side of the elegant eggplant (it just amazes customers how that fun punch works sooo slick when it's demoed in front of them!) and assemble the card together!

As always, here is the recipe!!
Stamp Sets: Polka Dots & Paisley
Card Stock: Certainly Celery, Elegant Eggplant, So Saffron, Confetti White
Stampin’ Pads: Elegant Eggplant Stampin’ Write Marker, Certainly Celery Stampin’ Write Marker, Elegant Eggplant
Accessories: Celery Grosgrain Ribbon, Cream Grosgrain Ribbon, Eggplant Grosgrain Ribbon, 1/8” punch, Spiral Punch

~TFL & Enjoy~

05 April 2007

Authentic Birthday Thoughts

When I spotted the card that mhuemoe had brilliantly created on SCS I just knew that I had to save that into my faves for later case'ing .... fer' sure ;o)

I also wanted to show off the round tab punch CORNER idea at my April workshops so I put these two ideas together and came up with this card. I should have probably used a darker background cardstock color rather than the Sahara Sand so the Certainly Celery corner idea would have 'popped' more but it does look a bit better IRL.

It seems like this card does use quite a few different stamp sets but for the different groups that I was getting together with thoughout the month they have quite a few stamp sets *wink wink* I know many of them can run home and make this card with what they have on hand now. There are certainly many variations you an do to this card but I think the two things that really help to make this card are the new spiral punch and of course the new round tab punch that you actually use twice!!

As always, here is my recipe for this beaut --- (I share all of my recipes on a 'recipe sheet' with my customers at the beginning of each demo ... it's just one that I print out in Word in a two columns. That way they can take any notes as I am making each card and also have it to take home with them if they so choose...)

Stamp Sets: Stamp of Authenticity, Heartfelt Thanks, Print Pattern BG, French Script BG, Circle of Friendship, Happy Everything, Warmest Regards
Card Stock: Sahara Sand, Apricot Appeal, Certainly Celery, Regal Rose, Naturals Ivory
Stampin’ Pad: Regal Rose, Certainly Celery, Chocolate Chip, Apricot Appeal, Mellow Moss Stampin’ Write Marker, Regal Rose Stampin’ Write Marker
Accessories: 1 ¼” Circle Punch, ½” Circle Punch, Stampin’ Dimensionals, New Round Tab Punch, New Spiral Punch, Scoring Blade

~TFL & Enjoy~

04 April 2007

Upside Down Joy

Here is one of four cards that I am doing for my April SU! demos ~ inspired by the January Stampin' Success and SCS'er Kristin Moore Thanks for your inspiration Kristin ~ ~

I started with a Marigold Morning cardstock base and using only the Polka Dots & Paisley stamp set I stamped the background using Marigold Morning ink pad. I then stamped the 'find joy in the little things' using Vintage Violet ink.

Then using a piece of the Vintage Violet cardstock and stampin' pad I randomly stamped on that piece of card stock and then 'roughed it up' using the cutter kit around all four sides (I just love that tool!!!) I then wrapped a piece of the vintage violet stitched grosgrain ribbon around that piece and tied it in the front. Remember .... you can still get this awesome ribbon .... #107885 $7.95 thru June 30th ... it's just not in the catalogs but it has been carried over since it was soo popular. The other colors are available yet too!!! Stock up now ;o)

Then, once again, I did the same thing on a piece of Old Olive card stock with Old Olive ink --- and then using the cutter kit I used the 'perforating tool' and ran it across just the top of the old olive piece ... just to give it a bit of dimension ... folding it forward just a bit

Then came the fun part with the tag punch ... cuz I love my tag punches!!! (well all punches for that matter!) Using the Rose Red and Old Olive Stampin' Write Markers I colored the flower and huffed and puffed and stamped the flower on confetti white paper and THEN punched it out UPSIDE down mind you *wink wink* and punched out another Rose Red tag to mount it on. Once the two tags were secured together with Snail adhesive, I used a few stampin' dimensionals and attached that to my card front.

It was a fun card that came together relatively quickly!! So far the participants at my demos have been *oohed* and *ahhed*!! ;o)))

As always, here is my recipe:

Stamp Sets: Polka Dots & Paisley
Card Stock: Marigold Morning, Vintage Violet, Old Olive, Rose Red, Confetti White
Stampin’ Pads: Rose Red Stampin’ Write Marker, Old Olive Stampin’ Write Marker, Old Olive, Vintage Violet, Marigold Morning
Accessories: Vintage Violet Stitched Grosgrain Ribbon (107885 - 7.95), Small and Large Tag Punches, Stampin’ Dimensionals, Cutter Kit

~TFL & Enjoy~