17 April 2007

It's a Secret!!

Ohh Wee! Look at this real purddy' card I received in the mail today from my secret sis over on SCS!! Isnt it just a beaut? LOVE Roses in Winter --- think my Secret Sis knows that ;o)) She stated in her note that she cased this right from Beate's gallery --- well that is the highest compliment you can give another stamper -- to want to CASE their work, right?! ;o))
She asked me in her note how I have time to do it all --- create/update my blog, be a SU! demo, work full- time and run a home-based business (with my DH). She wonders where I get all of my energy ... lol. Well, my darling DDSS, I just don't have alot of 'idle' time ... how's that for an answer? For those of you who can not view the DDSS side of SCS, here is what I posted in my 'thank you' to my secret sis:
Thanks so much for the most beautiful card that I received today Sis!! I just loooveee the roses in winter stamp set, it's one of my faves It's a wonderful case of Beate's, I must agree!! Cases are always good and the best compliment to the original artist ***The sparkles don't show up good in the pic here but they are beau-T-ful in person***
To answer your questions in your sweet note ~ I don't have much time to acutally sit down and watch TV but I do record a few shows each day/week!! Each day I do tape Dr. Phil and Oprah and a few of the crafting shows on the DIY network -- then every week I also record Medium and Raines. I watch these as I am working in my creative space, or shall I say 'listen to them'! and I also watch the recorded shows as I wind down and go to bed each morning --- it helps me to relax and get my mind off of work!! --- then I can fast forward thru the commercials -- those are some of my pet peaves of course!! lol
I soooo soooo sooo can't wait to find out who you are next month!!! I am so very excited for your reveal!!! Thanks again Sis ~ ~ Stampin' Huggs to you!
So... there is a little bit more you have all learned about me!! Do you 'listen' to TV too? lol I do have to actually 'watch' Medium and Raines -- those require my utmost attention -- (but I do fast foward thru the commercials!!) I love those two shows but I am a total fan of anything true crime (I know, I know, those two are not ...but...) but that is probably because of my job profession huh?
As for my blogging adventure --- you will see that most of that is done in the wee hours of the mornin' ;o) When I have an extra moment, I will post from my laptop as time permits. For those of you who don't have blogs, you would really be surprised once you got yours set up how much time it 'doesnt' take to make an entry!! It's really pretty easy if you leave it easy! Make it fun!! That is what it is all about -- don't turn it into a job ;o) This started out as an adventure for me and so far so good!!! --- thanks to all of you loyal readers!! *hugs and more hugs*
~TFL & Enjoy~


iralamija said...

Nice card!!!

Bety :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, that is a beautiful card, case or not!!

Yep, DVR Grey's Anatomy & FF through commercials too!

jen k

Teresa said...

Beautiful card! Lucky, lucky girlie! BTW- you've been tagged!!!!!!!!! ;)