31 May 2008

House of SU! Color -- Master Bedroom

So yer' gonna either love it or hate it! lol The visitors to my parents house have either loved it or really wonder if I went off my rocker! *hehe*

The color combo came right off the SU! color wheel and I thought it would make a really rich, elegant looking master bedroom with the white chair rail separating the two colors, the white windows and white closet doors.

Here it tis' -- Elegant Eggplant and Old Olive

And we tried to find some accent pillows for the bed that had the dark rich colors as well! I think we accomplished that too!

Mom and Dad love it so thats all that counts ;o)

~TFL & Enjoy~

30 May 2008

House of SU! Color -- CC Guest Room

or what we call the Certainly Celery guest room! lol We were calling it the 'green room' but you know, it just didnt do it justice! It is 'more than green'! lol kwim? So now we call it the 'CC' room for short!

Incase you have not been following the posts from this week - this is at my parents house (see earlier posts for all the deets) -- it's such an inviting room done in Certainly Celery and white. I would think it would certainly feel inviting to all who would stay!

The above shot is from the doorway entering the room --

This is standing in the same place as the first photo but this is what you see when you first walk in the room - or as you walk by the room in the hallway. This bench is a family heirloom from my Dad's Aunt and my Great Aunt. The picture hanging above the bench is one that I actually took years ago at my Aunts decor store. I ended up using it for 4-H project at the fair and earned a blue ribbon from what I remember.

Here is a zoom in to the bench -- this little girl was just screaming to hold something! So I chose to use one of my Mom's china tea cups -- it worked ;o)

And last but 'certainly' not least -- here is a picture of the INSIDE of the cc closet -- the guests still have room to hang their clothes but they might as well look at a pleasant view in there too right? This is a cedar chest that has a silk floral display on top. Also on display is an antique china faced doll that I always remember being in my parents room growing up ~ ~ ~

More pictures of the house of SU! color to follow soon --

~TFL & Enjoy~

29 May 2008

House of SU! Color -- Bathroom

Here is the bathroom -- I used Barely Banana as the color in here and the towels and bath mat are like a Certainly Celery color -- it looks soo bright and inviting. The little picture hanging on the wall is original art that my Mom's Aunt made for her years ago so it has some wonderful sentimental value too ;o)

~TFL & Enjoy~

28 May 2008

House of SU! Color -- Living Room

More to show you of the SU! painted walls that I have done in my parents home ;o)

This is standing in the kitchen looking into the livingroom -- my Dad's roll top desk is in the background there up against the Bravo Burgundy wall -- the opposite walls are done in a tan color - the wall behind the grandfather clock is the tan but its hard to tell in this picture...

The below picture shows a close up pic of the far livingroom bravo burg wall -- I added some texture to it ;o) Soo much fun and soo easy!!

~Enjoy & TFL~

27 May 2008

House of SU! Color -- Craft Room Wall Saying

Hello Everyone!!

As promised to you long ago -- I have taken pics of my parents house after painting each and every wall inside! We have most of their stuff moved in but we are still waiting on the new kitchen cupboards so they are using the craft/laundy room as their make-shift kitchen right now ;o) lol

So I will start out by sharing with you tonight the inspirational saying on Mom's craft room wall -- Its a chocolate chip wall and white vinyl letters --

I used my Cricut Expressions with the Holy Cow setting from the Cuttin Up cartridge. Let me know if you have any specific questions ~ I'd be happy to answer them ;o)

Looking at this picture now I may go back and move the 'one can fly' over a bit to the left to make it a bit more centered. These vinyl letters are so much fun and easy to work with!!

Also, just to share a little background with you on this entire project -- My parents and my brother and his family have 'swapped' houses -- my brother and his family moved to the farm, where we grew up, and my parents moved into town to his house. So as soon as our parents headed south last winter my brother started to do the remodels at the farm house that they wanted to make. That way they could work on the remodel but not 'live' in it at the same time! So once they moved out to the farm my DH and I went in to the 'town house' and started the remodels that Mom and Dad wanted to do there. We ripped out all of the trim and doors from the entire house to replace it with white trim and white doors -- that went with all of the new white vinyl windows they had picked out ;o) THEN I started painting! Mom and I had talked colors and then Mom decided that she just wanted to be 'surprised' when they returned home from wintering in the South. So I chose the colors using the SU! Color Wheel. Neither Mom or Dad had any idea what colors they would see until they walked in when they were done! It was FUN!

~Enjoy & TFL~

25 May 2008

Get Whale....

soon!! Thanks Sista' Mike for this awesome card! She is such a darling, no not the whale but Sista Mike. (Well, I guess the whale is awful cute too!!) -- she sends me a get well card for my cold that I had forever! A cold -- just a cold and I get a card!! COOL!! lol Obviously she was tired of reading my emails and 'hearing' about my runny nose and coughs that just wouldnt quit ;o) LOL

What a great idea here -- Michaeleen used a circle punch and punched out a bunch of circles from the same color of cardstock as the base of the card - and then just randomly added them. It adds soo much dimension soo uniquely! And then that darling whale colored in ever sooo perfectly!!

This must go on my Miss Mike board I have in my creative space -- fer' sure ;o)

Thanks Sista M! Love ya ;o)

~TFL & Enjoy~

19 May 2008

I'm a Mazda RX-8 -- what are you?

Hello Everyone!!

Here is just a fun little quick test for you to take today to determine what kind of 'car you are' ;o) LOL Thanks to my Auntie CJ for passing it along!

Here is what it said for me: You're sporty, yet practical, and you have a style of your own. You like to have fun, and you like to bring friends along for the ride, but when it comes time for everyday chores, you're willing to do your part.

Have FUN!!!

15 May 2008

Good Grid!

Fun fun fun! This is done using a 'grid tehnique' ~ I just received the email from my fave virtual stampin place -- SCS!
Good Grids to you ;o)

08 May 2008


This was a fun card that I actually made awhile ago and had it in my 'stash' ;o)

The earrings on this babe are actually two little red beads that I just attached with glue!

I mailed this to a friend recently who had weight loss surgery and she looks just awesome! I had not seen her in awhile and was just awed ;o)


05 May 2008

Get Well Greetings

Here is a card that I recently sent out to a co-worker who had surgery and we are all excited for him to return to work!

This is one of my favorite 'outdoor' stamp sets ;o)


02 May 2008

Thanks 2 each and every one of you!!

Hello Ladies!!

Thanks for all of your visits to my blog yesterday!

A winner has been chosen and I posted it as a comment in yesterdays posting...please check it out!

Also -- please check back as I am gonna be offering some fun blog candy opportunities this summer again!! This is F-U-N!!!

Happy Stampin'!

01 May 2008

Happy May Day 2U!!

Hello and Happy May Day to you!! I hope with this first day of May we will soon see Spring here in the Midwest -- warmer weather will be nice ;o)

I had a few extra hours tonight in my busy schedule and I put them to fun use ;o) I used my Cricut and the "Bags, Tags & Boxes" cartridges and cut out some May Day Bags! These were cut on the Cricut Expressions machine using the 12x24 mat -- each bag was cut out at 9". The little tag is from the same cartridge too!

They were fun to make with the limited time I had -- I could have maybe rolled an inked wheel over them to add a bit more stampin' detail but I didnt have that time -- the only thing stamped on here is the 'happy' on the tag ~ how sad ~ but thats ok ;o)

So whattdaya' think? Would you like one? I think it's time that I offer some 'blog candy' again!! Please leave a comment here on my blog entry today about something that you do for May Day, or that you have done on May Day or something that you have received on May Day -- you get it -- and then I'll draw a random winner tomorrow night! Please be sure to check back and if you are the winner then I will ask that you contact me via email with your deets and I will get it in the mail to you!!

~ TFL & Enjoy ~