30 May 2008

House of SU! Color -- CC Guest Room

or what we call the Certainly Celery guest room! lol We were calling it the 'green room' but you know, it just didnt do it justice! It is 'more than green'! lol kwim? So now we call it the 'CC' room for short!

Incase you have not been following the posts from this week - this is at my parents house (see earlier posts for all the deets) -- it's such an inviting room done in Certainly Celery and white. I would think it would certainly feel inviting to all who would stay!

The above shot is from the doorway entering the room --

This is standing in the same place as the first photo but this is what you see when you first walk in the room - or as you walk by the room in the hallway. This bench is a family heirloom from my Dad's Aunt and my Great Aunt. The picture hanging above the bench is one that I actually took years ago at my Aunts decor store. I ended up using it for 4-H project at the fair and earned a blue ribbon from what I remember.

Here is a zoom in to the bench -- this little girl was just screaming to hold something! So I chose to use one of my Mom's china tea cups -- it worked ;o)

And last but 'certainly' not least -- here is a picture of the INSIDE of the cc closet -- the guests still have room to hang their clothes but they might as well look at a pleasant view in there too right? This is a cedar chest that has a silk floral display on top. Also on display is an antique china faced doll that I always remember being in my parents room growing up ~ ~ ~

More pictures of the house of SU! color to follow soon --

~TFL & Enjoy~


Danyelle Kessler said...

I love this color! Looks great. Is that a prayer closet? I grew up in a house with a prayer closet, so it reminds me of that.

love2Bcreative said...

Thanks Danyelle --
Actually it kinda started out being 'extra furniture' and no where to go with it and then I thought of this -- and because it's a guest room the closet won't be used for alot of stuff and this way it looks pretty and inviting ;o) The guests can still hang stuff up or use the top shelf

Char said...

Is this green softer IRL? You, dear lady, could give some decorators a run for their money!

love2Bcreative said...

Hi Char ~ Thanks for your comments ;o) It may be a bit softer IRL -- you know someimtes taking pictures and then posting them on the internet doesnt show the true color ;o) TFL!