21 September 2009

Will U B My Valentine?

I know, I know! It's the end of September but my Dad brought this out to me the other night and I just had to share! I'm not sure what year this would be from but this is an old Valentine my Dad received from his sister Claudia, my Auntie CJ ;o)

I thought by sharing it here on my blog it would bring back memories for her -- do you remember what year Auntie CJ? ;o)

Notice even back then how they were being crafty and letting her move at the waist? ;o)

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Anonymous said...

Wow... I remember those type Valentine's that 'moved.' That had to be when we were all at Country School and EVERYONE were required to give out Valentines at school per Miss Lenning, our teacher. Even brothers! Circa ~ 1950 Auntie CJ