12 September 2009

THE move!!!

Here we go! This took a little coordination between me leading and stopping traffic coming at us down the road because as you can see we needed the whole road!! My hubby drove the tractor pulling the shed and then my brother followed up the rear of the parade making sure nothing shifted or moved on the trailer.

The 1st picture is just leaving the farm. We had to take the long way around to our house - normally just a few mile trip - but because they were replacing a box culvert near our house that road is closed.

The 2nd picture is us crossing the dredge ditch bridge - a tight fit but no troubles.

The 3rd picture is just as we approached our driveway!!!

The 4th picture is pulling in to our driveway - with a sigh of relief ;o)

Once we got it home we had enough daylight to just park it on the trailer where it sat until the next afternoon when my brother was able to come back over and help us actually set it.

Stay tuned for the next series of pics ;o)

1 comment:

2stampis2b said...

Yikes, I bet that bridge was a tight fit! Great photos of a neat little adventure for that old shed! Such primping that little shed will get now, it'll be so happy!