08 September 2009


Hello Everyone!!!

I want to share with you my recent non-stamping activity ~ I'll start out with this picture to get you into the mind set of OLD ;o) These are some 'treasures' I stumbled upon as I was walking around the grove at the farm prepping for our most recent project. Cool huh? This is exactly how I found them..no staging for this picture! Even better!! ...Of course I had to take a few of these items home with me to be used in the landcaping decor for our new addition ---

For the past few years I have had my eye on an old 13' x 15' chicken coop over at the farm. The history behind this old building goes back quite a ways -- my Dad tells me that my Great Great Grandfather built it circa 1930's. It wasnt being used for anything currently and I thought it would look cute sitting at our place as a 'garden shed'. So a week ago, after spending a few nights prior getting it all cleaned out, my husband and brother loaded it up on a trailer and pulled it over to our place with a tractor via the back roads. We have spent the past week giving her a little TLC..a few new boards here and there...a coat of primer and a few coats of paint....stay tuned over the next few days of pictures along the way...it's been a fun project and it will be done in time for the Punkin' Pickin' Party this fall!!! We will continue with moving some of the pasture fence and landscaping either later this fall or next spring -- so it will be a work in process for awhile yet ;o)


2stampis2b said...

What a neat picture! What fun you're going to have decorating your new shed!

Anonymous said...

How neat! That will be perfect for Punkin Pickin Parties and tool shed too. How creative! Auntie CJ