19 September 2009

Ohh Wee!

Look At ME!!!! Circa 1930's ~ not lookin' too shabby eh? Our project is nearly complete! My hubby is working on replacing the floor on the inside now so once that's done it will be 'done done' ;o)
I love driving by it coming in and leaving our driveway now - what a happy thing to see!!!
Either later on this fall or next spring we will move the pasture fence behind it in a bit and then landscape around it as well ;o)
Thanks for following us as we completed this project!!!


2stampis2b said...

Looks fabulous! Now, do you do people makeovers too? I want to look younger!

Melody (lacyquilter) said...

A lot of work, but fabulous in the end.

Diane said...

OMGosh, that is the cutest house. Love how it turned out. You should be soooo proud of your finished product. Thanks for sharing the process you went through to get to the final result. Love it, Diane