11 September 2009


Here she is!!! ...before a little TLC ;o) So you are thinking to yourself...how did that even make the trip in one piece?! IT DID!!! Yeah!!! Please keep in mind circa 1930's ;o) She has done very well over the years, huh? A new roof was put on in the late 80's so that is still in good shape.

Stay tuned for more pics over the next few days! It's been a fun project to see thru the progress!


Anonymous said...

Great pics of "The Move" ~ What was the building last used for? New roof lasted since early '80's ... pretty good shingles! :)) Auntie Cj

love2Bcreative said...

It was pretty much just sitting in the grove & not being used for anything Aunt CJ - just 'storing' stuff ;o)