24 September 2009

Tis' The Season!!!

The PPP Season that is!! Here is the first load out of the patch tonight for us. This will give me a good start to get the different areas decorated around our place -- the old chevy, the garden shed, the bend in the driveway, the mailbox area...gee... I may need to go pick some more ;o) Do you see the white and blue ones? FuN!!!
I love fall!!!!!


2stampis2b said...

What a beautiful site! What are those shiny green ones? They must be gourds? They all look really clean!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, the Mother Lode! Fantastic crop... Auntie CJ

love2Bcreative said...

The shiny green ones are the gourds for this year. Last year 'birdhouse gourds'. This year 'bushel gourds'. My plan is to let them dry out again this winter and then play with these next year -- cut them in half and make rustic bowls out of them. They could then hold the new little new gourds next year ;o)