14 September 2009

Payn' Special Attention....

This is the most attention the shed has had in awhile but overall it's in awesome shape for being circa 1930's wouldnt you say?

We did replace some of the cedar siding where needed...these pictures were taken in that process - quite a few more boards than what is pictured here were replaced. Below the three windows, for one, was all replaced. Most of the front of the building was as well, there were a few we left near the peak as orginial.

All four windows were replaced for new - that was easier than to try and fix the ones that were in there. However, the old were just not thown away - I have plans for those too!!! ;o)

It's now time to apply a white coat of sealer and then apply a few coats of COLOR! We will be painting it the same color of our metal shed - tan and dark green. Continue to tune in tomorrow for the next step ;o)


2stampis2b said...

Oh, is that how the windows open? Neat!

love2Bcreative said...

Yep! That is the way they used to do it in the 'olden days' ;o)