15 November 2007

Coaster Crazy-ness!!

I sure have been having fun making all sorts of Christmas gifts lately!! These have been just a ball - and soo soo easy to 'make'!

Here are just a few of the many I have done:

There are two different tiles I have used - both pictured above. One is a whiter tile and the other is a darker, tan color. I picked these up at Lowes. They have a 'rough look' to them but yet they work awesome for stamping on. I didnt like the really smooth ones as if you mess up your image a little bit while stamping it shows -- where with these they are supposed to kinda look that way! KWIM? lol

I use both the SU! craft pads as well as StazOn pads. For some reason the StazOn seem to smear in the final stages of spraying on the acrylic spray -- why? I dont know as they are supposed to be so much more of a permenant ink...The craft pads dont do this ---

Here is how I complete these:
1.) Choose SU! images I want to use - some have a background and foreground stamp set.

2.) Stamp the background image and then use a heat gun to 'dry' the image.

3.) Stamp the foreground stamps

4.) Place tiles on a cookie sheet and bake them in the oven, 300 degrees for about 20 minutes. This will complete the drying process.

5.) Let them completely cool and then lay them out in a well ventalated area and spray them with a clear acrylic spray. Let them dry and spray again - repeating this for a total of 3 coats.

6.) Then I applied little circle felt pads to the four corners of the bottom, stamped my name stamp and then took the four matching coasters and tied them up either ribbon or twine and attached a gift tag ~ whoola! Ready to gift!!

~TFL & Enjoy!~

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Godelieve said...

Really beautiful! The two sets at the top are my favorites. Very nice gifts!