15 July 2009

Fun with Photoshop ;o)

Hello!!! It appears as tho I have been away for awhile by the last date I posted here on my blog but I've been around...including having fun with my niece and nephew;o)

I have been self-teaching myself on the amazing Photoshop CS program as time has allowed -- wow!!! I have soo much more to learn but here are a few pics that I have 'altered' using PS. What FUN!

This is my beautiful niece out in their flower field at the farm -- I wanted to have both color and black and white in this pic. She was sitting in her car seat and I was able to 'erase' the car seat from the pic as well!

This is my nephew Jack (see the license plate?!) making a trip around the flower field looking for just the right flower to gift to his Mom ;o) In this pic I thought it would be fun to just pull out a few of the colorful flowers as well as Jack & his license plate in color. I also burned the edges and added the text.

Here is Ava with her Grandpa -- not much done to this but added a heart and text ;o)

Here is one of my faves to date -- this is Jack waiting for the 4th of July parade to start -- and using the PS program I 'sketched' it -- how cool is that!!!??
I want to get pictures of the punkin patch taken too -- and post them about the same time of year as I had posted last years growing season pics. So stay tuned for those!!!
~TFL & Enjoy!~

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2stampis2b said...

Great job, these are super cool! The subject matter was good to work with, huh?!!!