09 June 2008

Auntie CJ was commissioned...

...by her neighborhood gals to create this card! My Aunt CJ has been featured here on my blog before and I must continue to publish her creations! I am soo proud of her -- she has only been stamping a few months and doing such a wonderful job!! WOW!!

The only sad thing is she is sooo far away from me in distance -- she lives in NC. But the fun thing is we communicate very regularaly via email AND she knows how to send pics so it's like we 'virtually' stamp together ;o))

Keep up the wonderful work Auntie CJ -- that bow looks just awesome too -- better than my bows...oh that's right I DONT do bows I do knots cuz' my bows dont evah' turn out this perfect ;o)

~Enjoy & TFL~

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