14 August 2008

Vacation Memories

I just wanted to take a moment and share with you some pictures of our latest trip to the Black Hills of South Dakota this summer -- we had an absolutely wonderful time! It was the best weather in the 17 years my husband has been going out there -- no rain and wonderful temps! Yes, we did go out for the Sturgis Bike Rally but we love to spend time away from the mass chaios of the bike scene too!! We had fun one afternoon just taking pics of the scenery, including the buffalo in Custer State Park.

I love photography and taking pictures - especially now that the digital era is here - if the picutre doesnt turn out just delete it!!! ;o)

Oh and last but certainly not least - I had to take a picture of "The Purple Pie Place" which is located in Custer, SD -- my huband loves his sweets! We found this place which makes home made pies and sweets -- Dean stopped in and left with TWO pieces of pie ;o) So if you are ever in the area stop in to entertain your sweet tooth!!

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2stampis2b said...

Gorgeous pics! I'm so glad that you two enjoy the rest of the Hills, not just the spectacle in Sturgis!