27 August 2008

Punkin' Patch Peek #2


So it's now the end of August ~ where did the summer go anyway?? Tonight I snapped some pics of the punkin' patch! How fun it has been to watch it grow, grow, GROW (and weed, weed weed)! lol ...I know, people have looked at me a bit crazy when I say that I have weeded the punkin' patch ~ but it looks soo much better AND I can peek at the growing progress at the same time ;o)

Remember my last post of the punkin' patch in July? HERE is a link to that so you can see just how much the patch has grown since then!

As you can see now, the vines have now taken over the entire space ~ I have a pair of scissors that I use to keep the vines trimmed on the four outer sides - that way when I mow by them its nice and even and it helps to keep them contained! I have just recently started trimming some of the vines down in the patch - where its nothing but vines I trim up to the last bloom and I am thinking that will help the nutrients go to the different pumpkins, melons and gourds currently growing.

Nope, this isnt a black and white picture ;o) We are also growing 'ghost pumpkins' - which grow white in color ~ cool huh?

This is just another variety of pumpkin ~ this one is a bright scarlet French pumpkin and that is because of the shape and deep 'grooves' it will end up with - short and round. I think I have also heard this referred to as a cinderella or princess pumpkin too!

What a pretty deep orange color this one already has!!

Chirp! Chirp! The birds are going to love this one next year once it drys out and we can make it into a bird house! These are called 'birdhouse' gourds ~ see why? How fun!!! Don't ya' just see some stampin' opportunities here too?? Yep!

These will also be fun for fall decorating -- and maybe fun when they dry out and turn into a little natural musical instrument too!!

Of course, we have watermelon too! I am personally not a big fan of it but others are so why not try growing some of that too!!

The cantaloupes are well on their way as well! We should have plenty of these to share as well as I am not a fan of eating these either -- I really am not a fruit fan at all!!!

Humm...so what could these be? If you have hung with me thru this entire tour of our patch I thought it would be fun to turn this into a 'blog candy' question!! Nope, I won't send you punkins' and stuff...but rather other fun stampin' related stuff!! So the first person to post with the correct answer to what these are will WIN WIN WIN ;o)

Thanks for joining me on the tour today ~ I'll be posting more pics as we get closer to the pickin' of punkins' season ;o)

~TFL & Enjoy~


Suzanne said...

Well, it's a melon of some sort! LOL I was thinking it had another name (like honey dew, but NOT a honey dew). So I went searching.... It looks like the Sugar baby. THEN I saw a picture of a sweetheart melon and thought it looked like it. THEN (I KNOW, get to it already! LOL) I saw a pic of a black melon (Hokkaido?) and now I'm TOTALLY confused! LOL

Suzanne said...

Oh! And I wanted to tell you that your garden is beautiful!

2stampis2b said...

Look at that punkin' patch! Wow, things sure do grow better in your neck of the woods! Those are beautiful! When I lived in Omaha, "they" called me Martha and I always searched out those odd pumpkin varieties, which were not so easy to find back then. If I could *and I've tried here*, I would grow my own!

I have no idea what that last one is...almost looks like a watermelon, and those leaves next to it look potato-ish, another thing I'd love to be able to grow here!

2stampis2b said...

Teresa, I'm nominating your for the I{heart} Your Blog award if you'd like to play along!

Denise ~ Paper Ponderings said...

I'm going to guess a sugar baby watermelon.

Vicki said...

Are they the black watermelons? I got one at a local stand and the guy said they are supposed to be sweeter than the regular ones.


love2Bcreative said...

Wow! Look at all of you and your educated guesses ;o) I'm soo proud of each of you!! You each posted not knowing what the rest of you had said since I couldnt get back on here till tonight to approve the posts!!

SOO with that being said (and when you go back to read these posts) you will see that bascially each of you have guessed correctly ;o)

Suzanne guessed it
Michelle guessed it
Denise guessed it
Vicki guessed it!!!!!

You guys are sooo smart!!

It's a watermelon!! It's a sugar baby!! So they look like black watermelons in color -- but when you cut one open they look just like a regular watermelon ~ kinda' cool huh? I love different stuff like this!

So with that being said you are all winners since you all guessed it *wink wink* so would the four of you send me an email with your names and addresses and I'll get a little blog candy off to each of you. (Michelle, if you can wait, I'll deliver yours in person next month ;o) )

Thanks soo much for posting everyone, I appreciate each of you!!

Stampin' Huggs ~

Annette said...

WOW - what a garden! You have done such a great job with it. Love to see all the pumpkins, melons, & gourds. The last melon is a type of watermelon - I believe its name is Sugar baby!

Thanks for sharing with us you bounty! Enjoy.

Melody (lacyquilter) said...

Fabulous picks of your punkin patch! I would have guessed...