15 July 2008

Punkin' Patch Peek

Hello All!!

It's early in the punkin' growin' season but I thought I would snap a few pictures just to show the progress! I should have taken some when the mounds were just mounds before they started to grow! I can't believe how much they have grown in just the last few hot days! Wow!

We have planted all sorts of different varieties from little pumpkins to big pumpkins to white pumpkins to gourds to watermellons...so it will be fun to watch this patch progress!
Here are just a few close ups - the blossoms have really popped the past day!
And...one last picture to show you - this is a huge thunderhead to the south of us tonight. It was just beautiful on our side (north side) but on the south side of this beast it was raining buckets with high winds and golf ball sized hail. WOW!

I'll post pictures of the patch as we progress thru the summer!! I hope to have large yields and we will have fun having the kids come out and pick their own out!
~TFL & Enjoy~


2stampis2b said...

I LOVE punkin' patches! What fun you'll have this fall!

Marie said...

What fun pictures! Can't wait to see them grow!