26 July 2008

Miss Malia ~ An Update from Saturday ~

Good Morning Everyone!!

Here is an update from Miss Malia's Mom and Dad ~ it sounds like things are continuing on the up and up ... we continue to send them huggs and prayers!!

SATURDAY, JULY 26, 2008 04:57 PM, CDT
Things are continuing to go well. For now, at least, Malia is off the IV and as long as she is eating and drinking well they will only hook it up again tonight for some more meds. Tomorrow she will receive the two small pushes of the other chemo drugs and if all is well we should be discharged tomorrow. We are so happy at the thought of getting her home. Obviously it should make a huge difference to her mood (although one of the anti-inflammatory drugs that they are giving her is a steroid so it stimulates her appetite but also causes mood swings…which we’ve already experienced…UGHH!)

Kyle and I have already practiced giving the shots on oranges AND each other. The needle that we’ll be using is like a diabetic needle so you can’t really feel anything but a pinch but apparently the medicine that we’ll be administering does sting when it goes in and Malia is horrible about getting shots so I’m a little nervous about that. It’s always the fear and anticipation which freaks her out more than the shot so the first time will obviously scare her but the subsequent ones she will remember the sting and those are the ones that I’m dreading.

Unfortunately I am coming down with a cold so I’m having Kyle spend the night with her again tonight but I’m going to have to leave the hospital early because we’ve been given all her prescriptions so I need to drop them off at the pharmacy so they’re ready tomorrow…there are a lot! Apparently, one of the drugs that we’ll be giving her (the shot) is like $3500! HOLY COW – hopefully insurance will cover that.

We’ll keep you all posted and hopefully the next update will be posted from home.

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