15 August 2009

Punkin' Patch 2009

Here is a peek of the punkin' patch today!! I was hoping to get pics taken last month at about the same time as I took them last year but time just got away from me!!! The patch is looking good but dry, hopefully we get some rain from mother nature this weekend to save me from pulling the water wagon along to each row!

Watching the punkins turn from green to orange are really fun -- they have really just started to do this this past week.
This year we are featuring both white and BLUE pumpkins!

We will also have the smaller pumpkins too -- per request ;o)

We have a few mounds of the Big Max pumpkins again this year too -- this one should turn out perfect since he's already sitting upright!

Watch for more pics as the patch changes ;o)

~TFL & Enjoy~

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2stampis2b said...

Lookit that! Wow, it looks great!