29 May 2007

a little test...this is only a test...

Hello Everyone ~

I've been a litte frustrated to say the least. Some of you have contacted me stating that you havent been getting the automatic updates when I post to my blog. I didnt know what to say as I didnt know how to fix it as that is a 'Feedblitz thing' and out of my control ;o(

Sooo tonight I was reading the blog of "Inking Aloud" and she had posted the following in her post today:
"Feedblitz issues should be solved now (thanks, Feedblitz tech support!). If you have subscribed to Inking Aloud through Feedblitz but haven't been receiving regular updates, you should start to see them. Thanks for your patience."

Sooo....I am just conducting a little test here --- Just to see if you, and I, are back to receiving our notificaitons when I post to my blog ;o) If NOT, then I will need to conatct Feedblitz tech support and see what I need to do.....*humm tapping finger on chin* .....here's hoping it works!!

IF it works ... I really have posted a few new projects! Please, check em' out!!

~ ~ ~Many Stampin' Thanks!

1 comment:

Barb T said...

Hi Teresa
I've been getting notification
of updates now from your blog.
Hope all is well with you. Barb T.