02 May 2007

Out with the Old....In with the New

Have you seen the Stampin' UP! retirement list that was posted on May 1st??

Check it out here!!

You can click on how you want it sorted -- by page number or in abc order by stamp set name.

WOW ~ ~ ~ Is it evah' long! My shelves are gonna' be bare for awhile. My Mom's shelves will be plenty full though!! I always take my retired stamp sets over to her stamp room ... you know that makes room for new rubbah' for me ;o))

This year I told her though that she is gonna have to go thru the years and years of me doing this and decide what she does not want/use anymore and I will get 'rid' of them ... making room for 'more of the newly retired' sets for her! lol I have never sold a retired stamp set but I think I just may start that process. Gosh I think I have stamp sets clear back to 1997 --- geesh! We will have to see what Mom wants to part with! ...Maybe when I tell her that I have 99 stamp sets and 16 wheels headed her way she will be a bit more willing to give up some of the really really old stuff, suppose?

So have you had a chance to take a look at the retirement list yet? How many stamp sets/wheels will you be 'loosing' this catalog year? Just out of curiosity, even if you are a SU! demo or not, what do you do with your retired sets? I'd love to hear from you ---- post away ;o) Thanks for sharing!!


Heather said...

I am not a demonstrator, and I do not know how many I am losing, but I know how many I will have left --- FOUR! And they aren't even good sets to actually make something with, but more like accent sets and words/abcs. Oh, and I will have one current wheel. Unbelievable! I do not have an abundance of sets, but I do have a decent collection. Anxious to see what is up the ole Stampin Up sleeve!

Beckie Kareck said...

Hey Girl!
This is Beckie K. who bought some tea bags from you and you posted my card on your site (which was very sweet of you, by the way). Anyway, I'm writing b/c my Mom has been wanting the Doll House stamp set FOREVER - I think it retired in the late 90s. Do you think your Mom has it in your HUGE stash of retired sets? And if so, and if she's willing to part with it, may I buy it?? :)

love2Bcreative said...

Hi there Beckie!!
I've emailed you in reagards to the doll house stamp set ;o))
Happy Stampin'!