26 January 2008

A Tour of my creative space ~ Come In!

Here is a look at my space that my DH constructed/created for me! I'll post some more up-close pictures but overall: The space is 14 feet wide and 9 feet deep. The countertops are all extra deep---36". (and interesting enough the color of the countertop is called 'canvas' ~~lol!)The cabinets are all made by Kraftmaid and I requested that they all be 20" deep (standard is 12")---room for the 12 x 12 and larger stuff! The lower cabinets have roll-out drawers so the entire cabinet space is accessable/usable. The two lower corner cabinets are the lazy susan type. The under-the-cabinet lighting really adds extra light that makes it super for stamping!

After you look at this picture and the next few, hopefully this will make more sense of the picture I am showing....I have all colors of SU! 8.5 x 11 card stock stored in two hanging file totes. My DH made me a holder/roller so I can store it under the cabinet and roll it out when I need it. It works perfect! So once I am seated, it rolls out behind me and all I have to do is turn around in my chair and grab what I need.

Also, to explain the 'filing system' each color has a tab stating the color and those are in ABC order with the exception with the confetti white, whisper white, etc those are in the front. The tabbed (or labeled) hanging file folder has a manilla folder that holds only full sheets of the card stock. Then the hanging file folder just in the front of that one also has a manilla folder and that one holds all scraps of that color, anything less than a full sheet. This system has worked wonderful for me and it is sooo easy and fast to find just the piece I need without wasting a new piece!

Here is a close up picture of it -- because if you are a visual person like I am this might help!

Here is my paper wheeled into it's 'home' under the counterop!

Here is the new from my chair. My stamp pad holders are from the home improvement store, they are the nuts, screws, bolts organizers. They hold 3 of the new (and old!) stampin' ink pads perfectly!

The stamp pad holder in the corner holds all of my SU! craft stampin' pads---great way to keep them separate but yet right there!

Here is a 10' PVC gutter that my DH cut down to two 5' pieces...great for ribbon and punches! My fave thing about the ribbon is that I can take out individual spools without having to disrupt any of the others. I used to have them on dollies and that was hard when I wanted the one in the middle to take along for demos, etc.!

These are two of the Making Memories magnetic boards. Thanks to SCS'er 'MissMike' (my SCS Sista') for bunches of ideas on my board here---you are such an awesome stamper!!

Here are some of my stamp sets---works great to have them in the cabinets right above me, to the left and to the right of me! (left side not shown in this picture)

This cupboard is just to the right of my chair and I keep alot of my accessories here----hodgepodge hardware, buttons, eyelets, fibers, re-inkers, wheels & wheel ink, watercolor crayons, watercolor pencils, embossing powders, chalk inks, glue gun, embossing gun... etc. etc. etc.....lots o' stuff in a small space for an easy grab!

My DH built me a lazy susan for this corner cabinet. He made it tall enough for the SU! 12x12 paper holders and yet there was enough room left that I also have a 'shelf' on top of the spinning LS too!

Hope you have enjoyed the tour of my Creative Space ~ I just love to get away to this space when I can!! You are welcome to come join me here anytime too ;o))

~Enjoy & TFL~


Jackie said...

Wow - I would never leave!! That is an awesome room and you are only lucky stamper! I am just pea green with envy.

Stacey Carter said...

I want to be you when I grow up! You have an incredible stamping space!

Stacey Carter

twinks said...

Beautiful, functional space of my dreams. TFS

Melody (lacyquilter) said...

How jealous am I allowed to be? That's super awesome!

Barb said...

Hey Teresa
I'm so jealous (just kidding)
what a great room...Great design
.. You are so lucky. Higs

gbarron said...

WOW Teresa - your space is truly inspiring! I think it's probably the best I've ever seen - and so neat and clean. When I come to Iowa I certainly do want to come and stamp with you. Thanks as well for featuring my cards this week on your blog. How fun! Blessings, Gretchen

Anonymous said...

Hi Sista...

I never tire of looking at your creative space. (wiping my chin from the droolin') You are a master organizer. When I grow up I wanna be just like you girl! MissMike

Lynn said...

WOW, what a fantastic space!
and what a sweet hubby to create it for you!

Shelley said...

Wow!! I would LOVE to have this space, but I would have to sale my kids to get enough SPACE and MONEY. HA!HA!
I can only dream that maybe later on in life I can have such a space!

Kari said...

WOW!!! What a great husband! I love all of your ideas of how you organized your space! I am going to have to dream of a space like yours to create in! Thank you so much for sharing! Now I am going to have to go to Home Depot to see if I can find some of the things you used! :O)

Anonymous said...

fantastic craft space. You are SO lucky