04 February 2008

Baby, It's Cold Outside!!

Cold but pretty! I snapped these pictures on Sunday after going down the lane to get our Sunday papers out of the mailbox. It was just foggy/frosty enough over night that everything was coated white!

Our poor little truck that we decorate for the seaons looks soo cold and alone! You can check out the fall pictures of our truck back on my blog from, I believe, Fall 2006 - boy does time fly!

Ok, back to trying to stay warm out of the elements today!!

~TFL & Enjoy~

1 comment:

Miss Mike said...

Hi Sista...that poor lonely cold truck. It is still beautiful in the winter with the pretty trees in the backdrop. Brrr! It sure looks cold. You are going to love our AZ weather when you are here in a couple weeks. Looking forward to your visit!

btw...love your watermark. Very nice touch!