14 November 2006

Autumn thoughts & creations

This is getting wayyy off the rubbah' thoughts and creations but I guess it tis' my blog eh'? lol

My DH and I live out on Iowa family farmland on the edge of timber. We have no close neighbors to speak of. (ahh!!) This fall we went over to my parents place, only about 4 miles away, and brought home one of my Dad's old trucks from the grove -- I wanted to use it as a 'decoration' in our big yard---on the edge of the timber! In the spring and summer the truck bed will be a 'flower bed'! For now Mr. Scarecrow is occupying the drivers seat and the bed is full of hay bales and punkins'. Soon Santa will take the drivers seat and he will be hauling trees and gifts.

At night it is illuminated by a few spotlights on the outside as well as one on the inside of the cab ~~ it's been a fun addition to our acerage!

~TFL & Enjoy~


Denise said...

This is GREAT! I love what you did with this old truck - definitely NOT an eyesore! This photo could be a lovely postcard, too! It reminds me of the little truck stamps that Amuse and Stampin Up have in their collections!
Wonderful idea!

Anonymous said...

OH Teresa - waaaaaaaay over the top! Oh my word, this is darling. Too too cute. May not have a thing to do with rubbah, but it sure does showcase your crative mind! Can't wait to see the display change with the seasons!! ;)
Jen (scrapnstampin)

Anonymous said...

It's THE real live Loads of Love!

love2Bcreative said...

Yes! The 'real loads of love'!! That is what I thought of too as we were doing this!!

Stay tuned --- it will soon be transformed to Stanta hauling a tree and holiday gifts!!!!


2stampis2b said...

This is so cool! What a great idea to dress up your place. I don't think the guys would let me do any decorating on their trucks since they plan to restore or customize them someday, but if I could, I would! I'll bet it's a lot of fun to do! It sure is fun to look at!