14 December 2006

Magic Reindeer Dust

This was a super fun project --- I made it for the kids --- really!!! *lol* I came up with a list of names of friends & family that had kids around the age that would still enjoy something like this and then I called my Mom and asked for her list too! Her list had friends that have grandkids that will think this is fun too! I then got busy in my creative space. Thanks to craftqueen for her inspiration on this project!!

This was another project where there was really no stamping involved --- just the compuer for the little sayings. I typed the saying in Word once and then just 'cut and pasted it' 8 times doing it in two columns printing it out on whisper white card stock. I used my Cricut (aka: Jiminy) machine to cut out the reindeers ~ I chose the 2" setting. The reindeers are cut out of Chocolate Chip and Creamy Caramel cardstock. It's kinda hard to see but the li' reindeers really do have some features to them---the Circut does all of that work for you as it cuts them out. It thought about adding a red nose or adding some of the fun eyeballs to them but I didnt have enough on hand to do all 25 bags...then how do you decide which child gets which bag?! So I just left them plain! The Cricut cartridge that has this reindeer I think is from Animal Kingdom...I am trying to recall this part from memory and am not home right now to run up and look!! If I am wrong, please just post a note here to correct me *wink* The toppers are Real Red cardstock just scored and folded over.

The 'magic reindeer dust' is a very secret potion of oatmeal and glitter!! I just used the large gusset cello bags and cut down the tops to 6" and folded them over (basically because that is what I had on hand) I put about 3 heaping tablespoons of oatmeal into each bag with a few good shakes of glitter ~ I just used a combination of glitter as I made the bags -- they are all a bit different.

Incase the picture is too hard to read here is the saying:

Magic Reindeer Dust
On Christmas Eve when the moon is out,
Clap three times and stomp about.
Sprinkle the reindeer dust on the ground,
Shout Santa two times and turn around.
The sparkle of glitter and the smell of the oats
will guide Santa’s sleigh straight to your house!

I truly hope this finds you enjoying the magic of the holiday season!!

~TFL & Enjoy~

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Anonymous said...

These are so cute!!!!! What a fun idea!