02 January 2007

Birthday Tea for 2007

Remember back in the middle of December when I posted the Christmas tea bags that I had made? I had mentioned that I had made an extra few for my Mom to send to her friends? Well she sent one to my Aunt CJ in NC.

Aunt CJ emailed me and stated she had received it and just loved it. She loved it so much she wanted to make some up as 'birthday tea' bags for her girlfriends for the upcoming year. She wanted to know where she could get the stuff to make her own. Welllll ...... I just happened to know who could just 'make' some for her!!!! So my Aunt has officially 'commissioned' me and the project is complete! I made up 5 for her ( the pink edged ones are hers) and while I was at it made up some 'birthday teas' for me to have on hand too!!

Aunt CJ came up with a cute poem for her bags but wanting to keep her poem special just for her bags I edited mine just a bit to make them different.

I used the Spring Flowers designer paper for this batch, along with the 'flirty' ribbon from the Winter Mini. On the close up of the front of the tea bag book, its hard to see but the brown flirty ribbon is running down on the chocolate chip card stock...I just love that brown ribbon..its so fun and forgiving to work with!! I also had 3 left to do and was running short on the flirty so I grabbed my stitched grosgrain for a different look as well.

The tea tag is So Saffron and the background was stamped with two background stamps --- both using So Saffron --- Print Pattern and French Script. I also used the new small tag punch also featured in the new Winter Mini (page 4) I just cut the bottom of the tag off for a different look. I then just punched a 1/16" hole in the tag and pulled a piece of pink gingham and Narrow Celery Organdy Ribbon thru and tied that together with gold cord. I also used the Daisy punch and added a so saffron Daisy to the inside as well.


Soooo.....we alll have a birthday every year if we like it or not......and with it being only the 2nd Day of January we are at the start of a new year! I would like to offer you my thanks for reading my blog ~~ please post your comments here that you would be interested in receiving one of my extra birthday tea bags and let me know the month and day of your birthday. (year is not necessary *lol*) Then, if you would, please email me your name and snail mail address and I would be happy to mail you a tea bag close to your birthday. (Please include your screen name in your email so I can keep names straight.) This offer will be for the first 8 or so people that reply ~ ~ ~ Thanks again for checking in here on my blogging adventures ~ I appreciate you!

~Enjoy & TFL~


Rose Reynolds said...

How cute your teabags are! They would certainly make cute gifts.I would love to have one. I read your blog often. TFS it with us.
My birthday is Feb. 25th. It seems to get mixed up for my poor husband of 37yrs. with our wedding anniversary which is Feb. 3rd and Valentines day. But, at least he remembers it's in Feb.
Rose Reynolds
Ft. Worth, Tx

Stamperosity said...

Well, are those the cutest little things. I would be honored to receive one of your darling creations. I second what Rose said about loving your blog!

My birthday is January 15th, and since it's only a few weeks after Christmas, I seem to get overlooked...not that I don't mind people forgetting how old I'm getting...lol

avonlea said...

Birthday teas sound like a *great* thing to have on hand! Thank you for sharing this idea and the instructions. I would *love* to receive one! Since my bday is in spring (May 8th) I will try to forget about this and will surely be surprised then! Tee hee!

Dale Anne said...

How have you attached the tea bag to that inside tag?
These are FABULOUS.
My birthday is June 9th....long time away.

love2Bcreative said...

Hello Dale Anne ~

To answer your question, I use the Stampin' UP! 'Pop Up Glue Dots' to adhere the tea bags to the tea tags. Just two is all it takes as the pop up glue dots are quite large ;o)

Also, I must say I am quite surprised for those of you who have responded so far ;o) It is soo nice to know you are checking in here on my blog!!! You are 'new to me' and that is just wonderful!! Thanks sooo much!!!

Caroline said...

oh oh oh! LOVE these!!!! gotta get on the teabag wagon :)

Allison said...

So pretty...as a tea granny (easy 10 cups a day), I would love to see one of your creations up close and personal. Then, I could reverse-engineer it and add it to my friends' cards. TFS!

BTW, my birthday is July 7th...

Anonymous said...

IF ONLY ... if only i had such creativity in my card making efforts. these are just too adorable. my birthday is june 18 and will be a special treat this year as i am sure i will have *forgotten* all about these precious tea bag holders by then. what a generous offer for you to make. thank you sooo much!

canadianmemories said...

These are just the most darling little gifts. For us tea grannies this is really a great idea. I just have to say I love your work! I am always inspired when I visit your blog! Thanks for sharing your wonderful artwork with us!

Anonymous said...

I received one of these cute tea bags as part of the DDSS secret sisters; it is just the cutest thing!

Thanks, Teresa, for giving away your awesome work!

Becky (my4kidzmom)

Julie said...

where did you get the small tea bags?

love2Bcreative said...

Hello everyone ~
Thanks again for all of your continued awesome comments!!

To answer your question Julie ~ I am assuming you are meaning the actual brown bags? These would be just like the brown lunch bags you would buy at Wal-Mart but they are actually smaller. They are not actually sold as 'tea bags' but I think just small brown bags. I rec'd this group of bags from my girlfriend in AZ. She is known as 'missmike' on SCS. I think she stated she got them at like a hardware store (nuts and bolts section)of some kind out there. Let me ask her and see if she can remember ~ I'll get back to all of you --- stay tuned!

Stampin' Huggs ~ Teresa

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone...Aren't Teresa's little gems the cutest? I love the tag used on the side. Nice touch, huh?

I got the little brown bags at Smart & Final, which is a non-membership warehouse type store. I live in the Phoenix area, but I know these stores are not exclusive to AZ. Here is the web addy for checking locations http://www.smartandfinal.com/locations.aspx

I am sure that where ever they sell bulk brown bags is probably where you can get them.

These are SO fun to give, and a great, simple project. Have fun with it!


Teresa said...

Adorable! Once again you have outdone yourself. My birthday is soooo far away - July 1st. Do half-birthdays count??? ;)

Sheri said...

Very cute tea bags! I have been wondering how to make one...and whalah! Here you are posting pictures of these adorable things!

I would very much love to have one of your extras (if you have any left after all these posts!!). My birthday is January 17th (I can empathize with stamperosity on the right after Christmas thing).

Anonymous said...

These are so cute. I've been looking over your blog and you are a very talented lady.

Barb (btexpress) said...

I love these cute tea bags.
I seem to be a little dense,
so how do you make these? Do you
use just one bag and fold it over?
Can you let me know. Barb
(btexpress)...Or can you send me
an extra one if you have one?

love2Bcreative said...

Hi there Barb ;o)

Yep! Just fold the bag over once...it's that simple...then just start adding the paper and decorating and whoola! *lol*

I have done them where I used multiple bags, making a mini album. I just used the circular ring binders from Wal-Mart to hold it all together, tying ribbon on those too of course!!

Please see my next post about bags too ~ if you are interested in getting some of your very very own ;o)))