01 January 2007

New Years Eve ~ Finally Snow!!!

I know...I know....this is not a stamping project...well not really... but I have been waiting allll Holiday season for a day like this to get some pics of our version of 'loads of love' here on our acerage. Today was the day for pictures as it was 'dressed' for the Christmas season! It took this long to get snow here in Iowa...believe it or not!!! It started to snow on New Years Eve afternoon and continued till' after dark. We were able to get these pics New Years Day morning before it all melted ~

My DH agreed to keep the tree and presents in the truck till' it snowed...even if it was after Christmas! Now Santa is sitting in the drivers seat there, but the snow on the window is blocking the view just a bit here...I didnt want to walk up and clear the window for the pic as that may disrupt the ground with my foot prints for the picture...oh what dilemmas !! lol

Now tonight, the tree and packages are gone and we are dreaming of what could be next ..... I have consulted the IB&C Loads of Love accessories and it shows hearts for Valentine's Day...but I am looking for more ideas...anyone?! I would love to hear what ideas you have for the bed of our version of the 'loads of love' truck!!!

Oh, I posted the 'Autumn Thoughts and Creations' version of the truck back on November 14th here on my blog....take a look at that too ;o))

~TFL & Enjoy~


Jan Scholl said...

This photo reminded me right away of the SU set Loads of Love. My little brother Boo used to sit in the abandoned truck on my grampa's farm in Michigan for hours on end and pretend it was his. Beautiful photo-and so glad for the remember when flashbacks.

Teresa said...

Too cute that you have a LOL truck!!! ;)

Anna said...

The picture is awesome. I agree that I thought of "Loads of Love" when I saw it. You did a great job! I love your blog page.