15 January 2007

Got Bags??

Good Morning!!
As I have been supah' busy with SU! SAB preps and demos in the last two weeks I've been thinkin...(yes, I need to post my cards that I have been demo'ing I plan on getting that done this week too! *lol*) ...my parents are headed to AZ for some R&R for a few months...and I could give them a 'mission' while they are there!! To find us some tea bags ;o) What ya think?
Pictured here is my very own hoarded stash that I have now....nope...won't share...won't do it....notta so don't even ask....BUT....I would be happy to have my parents gather some up and deliver them back and mail them out to you at whatever it costs them (no mark ups!!)...you just pay the shipping from me to you. I don't know yet what they would cost but I can't imagine it would be alot....soooo if you are interested how bout' you now post that you are interested in some bags of your very very own for your very own hoarded stash ;o) Mom and Dad will be leaving AZ to come back on April 1st...so they should be back by the 2nd week of April....so the shipping from today won't be speedy by any means...I will though keep you posted as to when they pick them up and how much they cost with tax, etc etc. I am not sure how many come in a bundle but please post too how many you would be interested in and then we will go from there!!
Thanks again for showing your interest in my tea bags ~ I thought since my parents were headed that way some of you might be interested in the 'naked bags' to decorate yourself too!! ~ Just a friendly thought!! Just let me know if there is any interest!
Happy Stampin'!


Stamperosity said...

You're right...finding those "little" paper bags are a real mission. If and when you ever want to get some off of your hands, I'd be willin'! I'm only in Missouri, so I wouldn't think shipping would be all that high. :)

Love your t-bag cards and would SO love to CASE them to all my friends. I received the one that you sent me for my birthday and it was the ONLY card I got in the mail for my birthday.

Nancy said...
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Nancy said...

Ohhh I see that these little paper bags are available at a store here in Phoenix!
One more item I just gotta go buy. Heheheee

love2Bcreative said...

stamperosity ~ ~ Glad to hear you rec'd your tea bag for your birthday!! ;o) Yeah!!

How many bags would you be interested in??

love2Bcreative said...

Hi Nancy ~
Yep! They are alll over your area out there ;o)

If you happen to get to one of the Smart and Final stores I can tell you the back of these bags say 2LB on the top back and they measure a little over 8 inches long by 4 inches wide. Also....if you do get there would you mind 'reporting' back in with the price/quantity per bundle? That would help us out here maybe even before my parents make it to one of the stores so they would then know how many bundles to pick up for all who would be interested here ;o)

Many Thanks Nancy ;o))

Anonymous said...

Hi Theresa
If you can get any of these
bags, I would love some.
Keep me posted or pm me on SCS.
Thanks, Barb

Sheri said...

If you are still doing this, I would love to have some too. (As long as they are cheaper than 3 bucks for 16 bags! I just found white ones for that at Michaels...seems insane for little paper "lunch" bags...)

love2Bcreative said...

Hello stamperosity, Barb & Sheri ~

It's getting closer.... closer than what I had orig. posted it would be!! Mom and Dad have purchased a stack of these bags for me out in AZ and my DH and I are going out to visit them this week and I will be picking them up and brining them home!! I don't have a price yet as Mom is not sure how many bags are in the stack but it certainly is alot less than what you found at Michaels Sheri!!! lol Sooo be lookin' for a new post around the first of March ;o) with all the details!! Thanks!!! Happy Stampin' ~ Teresa

Roniece said...

I would love to take some of the bags off you hands if you have anymore. Please email me at roniecea@gmail.com so that I know how to contact you.