11 October 2008

Gourds! Gourds!! Gourds!!!

Got gourds? We do ;o)

Not knowing what we 'could' grow or what 'would' grow I guess we planted enough of everything! LOL Here are the totes of the gourds we have left after our punkin' pickin' party! Want some and live close? Email me and we will get together! Want some shipped to you? We can do that too! Contact me for further deets!

Also, here is just another shot of a pumpkin display at our place in front of the shed. I thought this long orange pumpkin was strangely odd - and it goes well with my fave white punkins too! Next year I am going to try my green thumb at the blue punkins - how FUN!

Happy Fall Y'all!

~Enjoy & TFL~

1 comment:

2stampis2b said...

Wow, that's a lotta gourds! I brought ours in the day after you guys left and made a huge arrangement on the big dining table. Good thing, cuz we have snow and cold now!