07 October 2008

PPP Friday night highlights

What a fun time had by all!! We had perfect weather for our Punkin' Pickin' Party on Friday night and Saturday! Here are some fun pictures to share with all of you from Friday night ~ I'll be sharing some more from Saturday tomorrow!This was just the start of Jack's pile -- he ended up choosing a few more to take home too!

Here is Jack trying to carry his own punkin' out of the patch ~ but he did end up needing a little assistance from Dad ;o)

Here is Jordan proud of his big find! Notice his punkin' socks?? ;o)
This one was just too cute to pass up on a picture - he was tired and had to sit down to take a break from lookin' thru the patch!

~TFL & Enjoy~

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2stampis2b said...

Too cute! Those are some cute kids and gorgeous punkins!