08 October 2008

An Update for Miss Malia


I just wanted to share with all of you the latest update on Miss Malia ~ we are truly hoping this will all soon be just a memory for Malia and her family ~ things are looking up again...thank God!

Here is the latest note from Malia's Mom:
Okay, so we're here! Malia's clinic visit resulted in an admit to the hospital to begin her 4th and final round of chemo. Her ANC had jumped up from under 300 last week to over 2000 today - YIPEE! I'm just so happy that this part is going to be over with and that she'll most likely be well enough to enjoy Halloween and Makena's birthday.
The Cisplatin (the infusion drug and the reason why she needs inpatient chemo as well as outpatient) is what really causes the majority, if not all, of her nausea. It's usually just a few hours after they begin to administer the drug that she starts vomitting. So this will be the last infusion of that nasty poison! The last couple of rounds have been pretty similar so I'm on edge thinking that this one won't be any different. She's asleep right now but is starting to stir here and there so I'm hoping it's not starting already. They began the infusion about 1 to 1.5 hours ago but there was a good chunk of time between the start of the chemo and the end of her pre meds (anti nausea) so hopefully they'll be in here soon to give her some more. The infusion runs over 4 hours so she will definately be receiving more anti meds before the Cisplatin is finished.
Well I should probably get off the computer and get some sleep but I am just so happy to report that the final round is underway. We'll post another update from home later this week :-).
Love to you all!
Thanks everyone ~ we appreciate all of your continued thoughts & prayers!

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