18 October 2008

Yeah for Miss Malia!!

What wonderful news to share with all of you who have been following my cousins daughter, Miss Malia, and her fight with cancer!! Here is the lastest from her Mom:

Hi Everyone -

Just a short and quick update. There's not much new to report other than Malia's AFP level continues to decline - YIPEE! She had her regular clinic visit on Wednesday for exam, Vincristin, and blood count. All went exactly as it should. I asked about her last AFP test which was the day of the last admit and oddly enough there were two different numbers. Apparently it was run on two different days. Anyway, they were both lower so I don't care. One was 19 point something and the other was 20 point something down from 77.8. Remember she started at over 300,000 and went down to 1608 after the resection surgery and 1st round of chemo. Then it was down to 77 and now 20 so I'm happy with that! It's still a little above normal but very close to normal so we should see it back at the appropriate level within a couple months (that's my guess).

This coming Wednesday is her final push of Vincristin (Yahooooooo!). I won't be surprised, however, if she also needs to get a blood transfusion. She's pretty pale (gray actually) and she started having nosebleeds last night but that's pretty much par for the course for the 2nd week of the round so I'm not concerened. We do have to give more Neupogen shots this round than what we have before because it's taking her so much longer to recover but thank God this is the last round of shots!!

We'll be sure to update you all after her next clinic visit on Wednesday but again, no news is good news so until then - let's pray that I have nothing to report :-).

Much love to you all!

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