28 September 2008

House of SU! Color -- Kitchen

...and last but not least....from the House of SU! Color!!! "The Kitchen"

I just love the way this turned out with the colors and all - it looks soo bright and cheerful! This is SU! Barely Banana ~

Once we hung the plate rack it looked a little bare so I thought it would be a perfect spot for more wall words ;o) "FAMILY God's Greatest Gift" was the saying Mom chose. Using my Cricut Expressions again I cut out FAMILY in a cranberry color using the Disney font in 5" letters. Then I used Stone Script at 3" for the overlay which is done in black.

This overall pic didnt turn out the best and I apologize -- It's really the barely banana wall color there!! I used the Stone Script cartridge here too - and I didnt write down the size of it like I thought I did but I am thinking it was 6" letters.

So there is the tour of the house that I had the privilege of choosing the colors and painting it this past winter while Mom and Dad were gone -- they had no idea of the colors I had chosen until they got home and walked in! If you would like to take a look back at the other posts showing the pictures and descriptions from the other rooms you can just click on the tag or label for this post featured below the post - that will take you right to em'!

~Enjoy & TFL~


2stampis2b said...

Wow, your folk are lucky! Wanna finish our basement while you're here?

Anonymous said...

I love that kitchen! Every room is just beautiful. What a lovely place to live among all the great colors of SU! You are a great photographer,my beautiful, niece. Your Auntie CJ