30 September 2008

A bump in the road for Miss Malia

Hello Everyone!

I just wanted to post a few new updates on our little Miss Malia - she has hit a little speed bump on the road to recovery it seems ~ please continue to keep her in your thoughts and prayers. If you are interested in sending her a card please see THIS POST for her snail mail address.

Here is the latest from Malia's Mom, Tamara:

Well no chemo this week. It’s odd to be sad about that but it was kind of a bummer. Malia’s ANC was still under 300 and she needs to be at least 575. So we will be going back on Monday the 6th and we’ll try it again. We’ll keep you posted.
Love to you all!

Okay so we may have hit what could be a little bit of a speed bump. Malia had her clinic visit yesterday for exam and chemo and her ANC, once again, is really low. It’s actually lower than last Friday so we need to be low key and not go out in public. The bummer part about that is she was really looking forward to seeing the fashion show as I promised her I’d take her to see all the bridal gowns at the East Valley Bridal Affair on Sunday and now we can’t. Hopefully I can find someone to videotape the show so she can still see it. She was pretty sad.

So the reason this may be a speed bump is that if her bone marrow does not heal quick enough (if her ANC is not high enough) then she may be a “no go” to start her last round of chemo on Tuesday. Hopefully she will have an ANC over 1000 (currently 272) but if not it will be delayed until her counts are up – however long that may be. We’ll still go to the clinic on Tuesday for labs and that’s when we’ll find out if we’re coming home or being admitted. Keep your fingers crossed that she’ll be okay on the 30th and for the worst case scenario to be that it’s not delayed for more than a week. We really want to make sure she’s well enough to go Trick or Treating on Halloween as well as for Makena’s birthday party that weekend. Send healing thoughts her way!
Love to you all!

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2stampis2b said...

Go Malia! You're a super strong girl!