04 September 2008

Miss Malia ~ An Update from this past week

Here is Miss Malia (right) with her little sister, Makena

Hello Everyone!

I just wanted to share the latest with you on little Malia ~ we received the following update from her Mom tonight ;o) Thanks to all of you for your continued prayers and cards to Malia!!

Another good week behind us, as a matter of fact, today officially marks the half way point of Malia’s treatment…HOORAY!!

We had her regular scheduled visit to the clinic this morning and all is well – blood count, ANC, and weight! The exciting thing about that is that she has not had her NG tube since Friday morning. We had taken it out to replace it (the connections just weren’t holding anymore) but she was in so much distress about it that we told her as long as she took all her medications and ate when she was supposed to then we would wait until that evening when Kyle came home from work to replace it. She opted for that scenario. Well she was eating so well throughout the day (still not to what we would like but definitely more than she was previously) that we told her if she kept it up that maybe we would be able to keep the tube out. She really likes not having it J. So today’s clinic visit was exciting not only because half her chemo is over but she kept her weight up on her own which means we can keep the tube out as long as she continues to do what she has been. YIPEE!

Next Tuesday we will be admitted for her 3rd round of chemo and from my calculations, as long as there are no delays in the remainder of her therapy (admits from infections, low ANC, etc.) then there should not be any reason why she cannot go trick or treating for Halloween, which coincidentally is Makena’s 1st birthday (HOLY COW! How did that happen?!). Anyway, she wants to be Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz (Wendy will be Toto J) and the rest of us have already received assignments from her as to who we will be. So I’ve already ordered all the components of her costume…I just need a doggy costume for Wendy, a Scarecrow costume for Daddy, and a ballerina costume for Makena (she’s part of the Lullaby League). Malia wants me to be Dorothy with her but I said there can only be one Dorothy so I’ll probably be the Lion or the Tin Man. She says that we don’t know anyone mean and ugly to be the witch but everyone else in the family has been casted (whether they know it or not). So, if anyone has any good ideas on how to dress Wendy (her faithful sidekick doll from Peter Pan) in something that looks like a doggy costume I’m definitely in need of some ideas.

We’ve already reserved our spots on The Polar Express after Christmas. The Grand Canyon Railway has a big thing they do every year where the kids wear their PJs on the train which takes them to the North Pole to see Santa. Along the way they listen to a reading of the book, drink hot cocoa, eat cookies, etc. When the train arrives at the North Pole, Santa boards and gives each child a special gift (I think it’s the jingle bell) and then the train goes back to the station. She’s super excited about that and we’re also scheduling a trip to Disneyland in the beginning of next year. So we’re planning our celebrations for when this is all behind us and she’s getting more and more energized as each day passes.

Thanks again to everyone for the continued cards, gifts, well wishes, and love! She just received a wonderful blanket from Jason (her uncle/my brother in California) and his mother, Michelle – thank you guys. I put it in her prize box (she gets to choose a prize every time we go to clinic or go to the hospital) and that’s what she chose today for having her clinic visit. She loves it and wanted to bring it to clinic with her but since it is 105 outside I talked her into leaving it at home. She also received a singing/musical card from our cousins in Oregon which sings “A Spoonful of Sugar” which she is also having a ball with! She brought it with her to the clinic today and she kept playing it over and over last night making Kyle and I both dance to it with her (thanks Mary! J).

I’ll be sure to post another update when we get home from the hospital. Until then, keep sending positive energy to Malia. Let’s keep her as healthy as possible throughout the remainder of her therapy so we can be over and done with this as soon as possible.

Love to you all!

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