29 September 2008

Ooh...It's almost PPP time!!

...."Punkin Pickin Party" time that is!!! Last Tuesday we received about two inches of rain and wind. It's amazing what the patch looked like when that was all over - what was left of the leaves got wet and really fell to the ground! What's left is an acre of colors ;o) It will soon be time to pick punkins! Yeah!

I went out to the patch this past Wednesday night to take a good look around AND to hand select some different gourds and punkins for Michelle ... which I will have hand delivered to her in SD by the time you read this post!! (Hope you liked them Michelle! *waving 2U*)

It's fun to actually get to walk thru the patch now! All summer I would work on the outskirts of it and occasionally try to sneak in a bit but I learned not to go too far in as I didn't want to kill the vines by walking on them! I was pleasantly surprised to see how many ghost pumpkins appeared, yeah! They are the white ones and I was hoping for a good number of those but all summer I could only count a handful or so. But now looking I think we have about 20 ;o)

I'll post some PPPP -- that's Punkin Pickin' Party Pictures in a few weeks!!

~TFL & Enjoy~

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2stampis2b said...

Oh Yeah! They are cool in person! Love the white one, and G has hugged that great big orange punkin' how many times? He says his favorite is the *bumpy one*. I can't wait (but I'll have to) to get those birdhouse gourds dried and paint/cut/decorate them into the pumpkin faces with the ghost hats! Thank you so much for bringing us some!