20 September 2008

It's Almost Punkin' Pickin' Time!!

Yeah!! It's almost time to pick the punkins!! I wanted to share with you a few recent pics of our little nephew, Jack. He really had fun sitting on the punkins and running around the patch!

In this picture I had asked him to sit on the larger pumpkin behind the one he is sitting on here -- he had to scope it out first for himself before making that decision ;o)

THEN he decided that it was a-0k to do that -- so the baby pumpkin is his foot rest ;o) Also, this is THE picture I submitted to a local TV news show (via www.) which share different pictures on the air -- they chose this one to share with the state during a weather report! Yeah!!!

Here he is with his Dad, my brother, checking the corn! Jack says it's ready!

It will be fun when it's finally time for him to really pick out which one(s) he wants to take home with him -- and then to get them carried/loaded in the truck as I am sure he will be picking the larger ones ;o)

I have already started the selection process for next year -- we will have some of the same and some different -- whoo hoo!

I hope you are enjoying the beginning of your fall too -- it will be here MONDAY!!!!

~TFL & Enjoy~

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2stampis2b said...

Very cool! That's so much fun that you get to reap what you've sown now! Nature is so amazing and giving!