27 March 2007

Gifts from Sista Mike

And the celebration continues!!! Check out this big ole' package of goodies that arrived the day before my birthday from my AZ Sista' Michaeleen, SCS'er (MissMike) ;o) Ohh wee!! It was soo fun to go thru her package as she was 'obvioulsy' taking notes as we were shopping in February in AZ!!!

Here is the 'big picture' .....

Now... let us zoom in and take a closer look at things here... The two picture frames ~ Take a look here at her frame in her gallery. That is one of hers all 'hansomed' up --- isnt it just awesome?? We were lookin' at these in Michaels when we were shopping.

Then in the center of the frames is a cuttlebug embossing die ~ how funny that we have been discussing those and I believe I even mentioned this was one of my favorite ones?!...

Then of course the center bag is a bag o' ribbon from the wall o' ribbon!!! OH GOLLY .... there has to be like 1000 and 1 yards in there all different kinds!!! Ohh wee!! Then she wrapped up some real purddy' pink chocolates ... mmm! .... maybe too perddy to eat??and there are some real purddy flowers --- Bazzill flowers to be exact! And look how they are all sooo organized ;o)) Sista' Mike knows how I love to be o' so organized!! ;o)Then check out the hardware hardware hardware!! She sent me some of the new Aarow hardware as well as some of the fun stuff from 'the alley' which is a little nook in the scrapbook store with 'good junk' ~ ~ ~ they will be fun on the frames don't cha' think?!?! *wink wink*

Whew ... and if there is any time left that I'm not a stampin' she also sent along a fun cookbook!! I've been telling her that I have been trying out fun new recipes that all involve a cake mix as the base of the receipe and the guys at work have been going crazy over them ... and they are sooo sooo simple to make!! So she has found me more fun and funky recipes to try out from this cookbook!! YEAH!!!!!

And to top it alll off....check out the cutest card she sent along with it all!!!

What another fun package indeedy do!! ;o)) Thanks soo much Sista for another memorable stampin' birthday!! No fair though ---- you need to come here to Iowa now to go shoppin' with me BEFORE your birthday --- cuz' how are you supposed' to drop hints to ME???? HUH??? lol *I'll figure somethin' out ..... humm....tapping finger on chin*


Jen K said...

WOW TERESA! What a **fun** box of goodies! Where ya gonna put all this stuff? :) Your cabinet will be a'overflowin!

Anonymous said...

You are just a sweetie and it was so much fun shopping for you. But it was even more fun shopping WITH you!

Sista' Mike

Teresa said...

Wow! What a great Birthday treat!!!