06 March 2007

GOT BAGS!!!! ---- WILL SEND!!!!

Guess what I also brought home from with us from AZ??? The little tea bags!! (If you are not familar with these --- please read my blog entrys from December 15 ~ January 2 and January 15 to bring you up to speed) My parents had picked these up for me and had them in the motorhome and were not going to be coming home till April but since we were out there I just stuck them in our bags before we boarded the plane to come home!

I had stated that I would be happy to just charge you what my parents had paid for them -- plus actual shipping. Well, they are cheap cheap cheap!! They cost $.0157 per bag when bought in the bundle!!!

I did a little figuring tonight and I can get 100 MAXIMUM in a flat rate priority envelope --- and those are $4.05 each for postage. Sooo for 100 it would cost $1.57 for the bags and $4.05 for the postage = $5.62 total. If you want to do less than 100, that is fine too....but do you have a stampin' friend to split them with? Even bettah' huh? LOL

If you are interested in more than 100 we can easily do another size of priority box that is bigger with no problem ~ ~ ~ right now I have 500 bags to sell. If you Ladies wipe me out of the 500 my parents are more than happy to pick more up for me before they leave AZ -- but those won't be back here to Iowa till the 2nd week of April or so but I would then be happy to get them out to you then ----

If you are interested, please reply to this thread so then everyone knows by looking who is interested and in how many. Then, also, reply to me HERE in an email titled TEA BAGS with your name and how many you would like and I will reply back to you with my snail mail addy so you know where to send your $$.

Bags will then be sent out in order that the $$ is received at my house. I will keep updates on here so everyone knows how many bags are left ~ ~ ~

Many Stampin' Thanks!!!


Stamperosity said...

I just sent you an e-mail. I want 100!!! Thanks so much!

L8ybug2 said...

Me too! I'll take 100! Sending you an email, thanks!

love2Bcreative said...

Hello Ladies!!
I have replied to both of you via email with my snail mail addresses as where to send payment ;o) Thanks soo much!!

I have also rec'd an email from Barb (Btexpress) for an order of 50 .... so 250 have been spoken for sooo far!!!

Who else would like some of these cute tea bags???

Stampin' Huggs to all of you!!!

Jackie said...

I would love 100! Sending you my info through email, thanks!

love2Bcreative said...

Good Mornin' Everyone!
So with Jackie included in the totals we are up to 350 bags spoken for ~ ~ ~

dreamy-things.blogspot.com said...

I just sent an email...I want 100! Hope you have some left!

Wackie said...

I would like 100 too. If i have to wait until April that's fine. Thanks for doing this.
Wackie Wavis


love2Bcreative said...

Good Morning Ladies ;o))

I have received emails from both Barbara and Jackie ~ ~ ~ we are now up to 550 bags spoken for --- YEAH!!!! One bundle gone!!! How awesome is that?!

Who else would like some? My parents are still in AZ and will be till the end of March and are willing to stop by and pick up more bags for me and bring them home. I will then mail them out to you --- so anyone that asks now can and will still get their bags but there will just be a bit of delay in shipping as I wait for them to get home ;o))

Anyone else interested?? Please post if ya' are ;o))

Many Thanks!

Chris said...

Could you send me 100? I'll get your check in the mail today!!! Thanks a lot!!!!

love2Bcreative said...

TGIF Ladies ;o))

With Chris' order we are now up to 650 bags spoken for ;o))

Once I start to receive payments, I will post them here as well as what day I sent out your priority pkg to you --- that way we are all on the same page ... er shall I say screen in this case? LOL

Anyone else interested???
Happy Stampin' Weekend to you all!!

love2Bcreative said...

Hello Ladies ---

Here is who I received payments from today, Monday 3-12:
Jackie R.
Rita B.
Chris M
Lynn M.
Jackie D.

These 5 priority packages will go out tomorrow morning, 3-13 at 7 a.m. enroute to each of you ;o))
Thanks soo much Ladies!!!

Chris M. said...

I just received mine! Thanks so much!!!!

Sheri said...

Darnit! My computer died and while I was disconnected I missed the first bunch! (TECHNOLOGY...SHEESH!)

I would LOVE LOVE LOOOOVE 100 bags when you get more.