27 March 2007

One to Remember ;o)

My birthday this year is definitely one to remember fer' sure ;o) When I got home from working an OT shift on Saturday, 3-25, my DH had brought the mail in and there were a few priority boxes sitting there with my name on them ;o) HOW FUN is that?? (tee hehe!) It was like 11:30 p.m. when I got home from work ... I shoudda' couldda' waited until 0000 hours on the 26th to open them ... but um... I didnt (rolling eyes & laughing) I had to open em' right then and there!!!

The first package I opened was from SCS'er Sheri (weavedreamer) ~ check out the awesome Friendship frame and matching card from her!! How awesome is this?!?! --- She says this is her first frame of this sort --- I'd say she is pro already then! WOW!! I absolutely LOVE the color combo here ~ too too cool....stunning as a matter of fact! You're a gem Sheri ~ THANKS SOO MUCH!!

The next package was from Dear Dear SCS'er TracyTripp (tracyltripp) whom I had as a secret sister in round 6 (last round)--- and here she is sending ME presents!! She even sent me a 'thank you' present after R6 ended ...what a sweetie she is!! lol She does such awesome stamping work ~ this fun package contained canvas frames to decorate, ribbon, tags, mini cards and envelopes, M&M's (oh she knows me soo well!) and an awesomely decorated 'delight in life' wrapped present --- look at all of that ribbon at the top --- wow!!!

Thanks sooo much Sheri and Tracy for thinking of me on my birthday ~ ~ your thoughts and stampin' gifts were soo thoughtful ~ ~ how awesome of both of you!! You helped to make my day extra special!!

Stampin' Huggs ~


Wife2TJ said...

Happy Birthday!!! Hope you had a wonderful one. I just had mine 3/22. How fun to get surprises in the mail!!!

Anonymous said...

And the gifts just kepp a'comin!! Wowie, you lucky girl! The frame & card from Sheri is sooooo darn cute! The goodies from Tracy are awesome too! Ya better get to gettin' girl, you have lots of alterin' to do! LOL :)

Teresa said...

Wow - what a lucky girlie you are, Teresa!!!