05 March 2007

Sistas ~ Teresa & Michaeleen

So I had a wonderful time seeing Michaeleen in AZ recently --- and I thought that I must come home and post a pic of us on my blog ;o) That's me on the left and Michaeleen on the right -- So Sorry about the dang menu sticking up in MissMikes face there ---I handed the camera to Mom to snap this pic --- she was concentrating on the camera and not on everything else I guess ~ LOL! We had a great day of shopping together ~ but the time just went by too too quickly! We are already planning our next outing in 2008 ---back to AZ my DH will go --- but for this time it will be a longer visit --- fer sure' ;o))

Dang Sista' --- We left just in time to miss one snow storm but came back *just in time* to get in on another *even bigger* snow storm --- suppose you could bottle up some of that warm sun and send er' my way?! perddy please?!?! :o))) ....with sugar on top??!! hehe

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jennifer K. said...

OH MY GOSH Teresa, this is *so* cool!! Wowie, two stampin babes there - great pic!! Awesome you two got to meet IRL!!