28 March 2007

Good Secret Stuff!

Good gifts continue today!! Goodness!! I don't want this to end ~ ~~ Golly!! This has just been great!

This fun package arrived today from my Supah' SCS DDSS ~ ~ in other words my current round secret sister. She has been just wonderful and I would love to thank her but I don't know her identity yet to actually thank!!

Check out my gallery here on SCS --- anything marked 'DDSS Round 7' has come from her ;o)

Thanks DDSS ;o)) I will soon know your 'true' identity and I can't wait for that time!! You have been soo much fun soo far to get to know thru your letters!


powell6 said...

Teresa~ You are such a generous person yourself; you deserve all the goodies you have received.

Happy Belated Birthday!!


Jen K said...

Wowie, DDSS *and* your birthday. Your mailman has been busy! Great goodies you lucky girl!

Teresa said...

Wow! Supah sis!!! You're a luckie girlie!!!