22 March 2007

~ ~ Over the TOP ~ ~

What a beautiful pocket card!!!

Here's the whole pkg all laid out together!! WOW!!

A mailbox full of chocolate? What could be better? How bout' a tin full of mini bars??!! She even sent me two extra mailboxes that are screamin' to be decorated and also an extra DVD tin too!!

Isn't this just the most beautiful you've seen? Yep!...it's alll mine ;o)) Jen even sent me one for me to decorate too!! Kewl!!!

Goodness! I think I won the Idaho lottery earlier this week here in Iowa!!! (and I don't even play the lotto!) This huge package arrived just the other day from my SCS'er friend Jen (scrapnstampin) --- holy moly!!! She has been busy ;o) Look at all them' creations!!! *whew* When I opened the box it *smelled* like chocolate ..... mmmm!!!
So I get this email a few days prior from USPS stating I have a pkg coming from her ... so I email her and say 'hey what cha' mailing me?' ... and she replies 'oh just swaps ~ got a jump start on them and got them in the mail to you' .......... so this woudnt sound so odd except I havent even posted the swap yet!!! LOL!! I thought WOW!! She really is on top of it!!! Little did I know I was about to be fooled BIG time!! ;o)
This is the 2nd year in a row that Jen has totally surprised me with birthday presents --- last year she even got fellow SCS'ers to send me birthday cards too --- what a sweetie she is!! Thanks sooo much Jen ~ I truly value our 'cyber' friendship! Someday we are gonna have to meet and ride our Harleys together ~ ~ We could do a "stamp n' ride" --- now that would be fun!!!! LOL ---well, you know, not at the same time, stamp and THEN ride!!!
Stampin' Huggs ~ ~


Jen K said...

Teresa, You *totally* crack me up girl! It is waaaaaaaaay too much fun to send you stuff - I can hear ya squealing way out here LOL!Stampin and ridin - heaven!! Road trip?! Eh, for now we can do a cyber road trip to celebrate our cyber friendship! :) :) Happy happy birthday girlfriend & wishes for many many more!!

Penny H said...

You are soooo lucky! You got some kewl stuff! So, when is your birthday? Mine just passed. It was a week ago today. Happy Birthday!!!

Anonymous said...

HEY Girly Happy Happy birthday, cards out a lil late (tomorrow to be honest) Just wanted you to know I didn't forget, but its coming!! Happy Happy Birthday!! Your friend Jen is so sweet, really what a nice person to do this. Happy hugs and birthday.............wishes!!


Sheri said...

Happy B-day, Teresa! Hope my tea bag money got to you today (hee hee!). So, you guys could do a ride and then stamp type Stamp N Ride and ride over here to stamp with me! We'll just ship all your creations back to your houses so you don't have to tote them across country!


Wife2TJ said...

What a beautiful nugget box and lunch box. I swear I'll never be good at altering things, but those are absolutely beautiful!